Next pre-season game

There is still a lot of unanswered questions going into next game and I want to see certain players in the next pre season game some more.

Here are the following players I want to see more of:

Willie Quinn WR/KR
Bryce Wilkerson WR/KR
Chris Hubert WR/KR

Casey Blaser OT
Darius Ciraco OL
Braden Schram OL

Vernon Adam's QB


John Green DB
Jerome Couplin S
Frankie William's DB/KR
Jumal Rolle DB

Jackson Bennett S/LB/DB
Cariel Brooks LB/DB
Julian Howsare DE
Connor McGough DE
Jack Mcewen DT
Brett Wade DT
Lynden Trail DT
Bobby Richardson DT

Personally, I'd rather see more of the players the coach wants to see more of, rather than my (or yours or anyone else here) uneducated fan opinion. But that might just be me.

They only play two pre-season games. The coaches are watching these guys every day in practice and they want to make sure that the guys that get playing time are ready. Teams go to camp with 90 players, some may not be able to grasp the offense or defense and the coaches don't want to risk them. The coaches only have 2 games to get their starting D and O ready too and they want to get them ready under game conditions. Why throw in guys that you know will not be starters this season. There have been guys cut in camp and never got a chance to play in a pre-season game.

would like to see more of:

Willie Quinn WR/KR
Ryan Bomben OT
Both JM's...All game QB
Timmis and Green RBs, and Whitlock...can he hold on to the ball?
Fantuz and Chapman


Jackson Bennett S/LB/DB
Julian Howsare DE
Bobby Richardson DT
Shorthill...Starter option?

blackandgld we traded Bomben to Montreal

sorry, my bad…I was a little tongue and cheek without the smiley. Same with the Fantuz and Chapman reference.

steve milton?
3m3 minutes ago
Jeremiah Masoli will not play vs #Als June Jones wants to make sure he’s healthy for #Stamps #CFL #Ticats

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
18m18 minutes ago
June Jones says Jeremiah Masoli will not play Saturday in Montreal for #Ticats final preseason game. But coach hasn’t named a starter either. Says Johnny Manziel Vernon Adams Jr, Bryant Moniz will play

TSN to televise the game

I would imagine Johnny is getting the 1st half

I sure hope this game will be an improvement over the last one...I know it's only pre-season but except for the last part of the game it was embarrassing watching it with my "Argo" buddy...he sure had fun...& drinking my beer at the same time...Cheers to all you Cat fans...I'm sure we will be better!

steve milton?
3m3 minutes ago
June Jones says Orlondo Steinauer will be positioned in spotter's booth during games as he was Friday vs. #Argos.

NOTE: June 9th is also cutdown day,
all CFL rosters must be cut down to 46 plus PR spots and IR by 10PM Saturday night.
There will probably be about 25 pinkslips handed out on the way back home after the game. :frowning:
Tough business.

A perfect place for a guy with so much CFL experience as a player and coach. From that perspective he will notice things I bet many of the other coaches wouldn’t. He’ll likely be up there with Corey Grant.