Next out the Argo Dressing Room Reggie McNeal

I just saw on Sportsnet that Argo are now trying to deal WR/QB Reggie McNeal
What going on in Argo Land
Mike Kelly and Bart need to share a Rubber room on West 5th in Hamilton.
All the better for us.

i guess Winnipeg and Calgary should be interested,

Lucas and Rodgers must both me looking good, either that or now McNeal is causing problems :roll:

It looks to me that Bart Andrus is gaining a lot of credibility if you ask me. Maybe he's cleaning out the Argos with a enema. Your either a team player that follows the team rules or your gone...nothing wrong with that. I think that Adriano B got the message. :cowboy:

Wow. The one good WR they have left could be on the way out?

I thought if anyone would be next to be on the way out, it would be Belli.

I don't see anything about this on though. Yet.

id love too have him here. he is an amazing athlete and you could do some pretty cool things with the guy.

we don't have enough talented recievers for you?

Did i say that...
and how can you have too many good receivers?

Imagine putting that guy in the wildcat. Deadly.

thats what i was saying.
there are a ton of ways too use him, he can throw, catch and has some serious speed.

but some people think we have to much talent...

You can never have too much talent. Even the Als are always looking to upgrade. Whoever doesn't want more talent on their team, no matter how good they are is an idiot, plain and simple. Try for Mcneal but don't destroy us trying to do it. Just test what the Argo's want. Maybe he'll come cheap. If not, let someone else have him.

I like Andrus and you have to admire his principles but this isn't the NFL, finding athlete that "fit" is much more difficult IMO.
His principles may cost his team their season. I guess it will come down to recruiting. Right now he's doing that too.

These are the same people who think we should trade AB3 to Calgary for Tristan Black... :lol:

Like pretty much everyone else has said already.. You can never have too much talent. My only problem, would be who and/or what can we trade away to get McNeal?

I might me mistaken but aren't McNeal and Arland Bruce good friends? McNeal might just want to play with Bruce, If that's the case and the blue team gets no interest from other teams and McNeal gets released we could very well see Reggie in Black and Gold along side his buddy Bruce.

The only Problems are these He was the 3rd String QB
He get no chance to be a QB Here we have 4 Good Ones.
Also the Locker roomer is getting Rather Full now
We need to Release someone and I Like Our Young Guys

This could be interesting. IIRC, McNeal is not that old, and being a former QB can't hurt. Ad O'Bie says: "Better is better". If it would not cost us much in a trade (Currie, Ball, the rights to Giguerre) then I would say "Do it O'Bie!"

McNeal coming in as the 5'th (or 6'th) receiver or (as suggested) a Wildcat formation would give opposing defences MAJOR headaches...

The only Problems are these He was the 3rd String QB He get no chance to be a QB Here we have 4 Good Ones. Also the Locker roomer is getting Rather Full now We need to Release someone and I Like Our Young Guys
Reggie McNeal got converted to WR in Toronto and he was pretty damn good at it. In fact, he was the best receiver on the roster after Bruce left. On top of that, he was originally a QB. So imagine putting a guy in the wildcat that can throw, catch and run very fast. Tons of possibilities, really confusing for the D. If they can't find anyone to trade to and release him, which I doubt but just for the sake of argument, he'd probably want to come to Hamilton too.

No doubt he would be deadly in the Wildcat, i'm surprised Toronto doesn't use him there. But you can't just bring in a guy like him just mainly for the wildcat.
McNeal has dropped a lot of balls this year, and as Onknight said, i like our young guys (MCDaniel, Currie, James, Ball) and getting McNeal would give those guys even less time to get some playing time and develop. Also, with Rodriguez, Davis, Bruce, and Stala,even McNeal maybe wouldn't get to be on the field as much as he wants to and that could possibly create problems(the fact that he's being shopped around tells me that maybe he has had some run ins with Andrus as well).

IMO i'd feel safe putting our current recievers up against any other teams recievers and i'd rather upgrade at another position.

No kidding. Who's going to catch the ball at this rate, Marcus Vick? Talbot isn't back for another month, Bruce is gone, McNeal is apparently on the bubble. What they have left is not a CFL-quality receiving corps. To make matters worse, Joseph isn't the guy to elevate an average group of receivers. In fact, he needs to be surrounded by top-quality talent in order to be even reasonably effective. This could be disastrous for the Argos in the short term.

That being said, D.J. Flick and Matt Dominguez are still unemployed. Why not give 'em a call?

It looks like Andrus is going to have the best behaved last place team in the league.

I believe that Reggie McNeal is a great young talent that any team could benefit from developing. Not just a wildcat threat, but as a receiver. The Blue Team cannot win by sending talent out the door. Mike Kelly is a cautionary tale that Bart Andrus should have clued into. Successful coaches find ways to accommodate and adjust before they are forced to move guys out. Vince Lombardi and Paul Hornung, Ralph Sazio and Angelo Mosca, Bill Belichick and Randy Moss -- many examples...treat men as men and respect is returned!

Oski Wee Wee,

And if respect isn't returned, and you get to know this right away, ship em out, don't do a Pinball thingy and keep em around. There are many different ways to success, and there are many good football players out there.