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Okay, so I've picked on Mark Cohon the last few months. Director of Officiating is now complete. Ottawa status has been announced. Jimenez hearing is over with. Time for me to put a positive spin on things.

What should be Mark's next task as Commisioner be?

What do we need him to work on next?

Personally I would love to see a deal (Wendy's) where you could buy Collector glasses of either teams or players.

Another thing Id like to see more gear in Retail Stores. Maybe an agreement with Sears, or the Bay to promote CFL gear.

Whats on YOUR wish list for Mark to do next?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to go with a sporting goods store instead of Sears? Just thinking aloud…

But I agree. Give us more merchandise.

Get rid of the crossover! :lol:

Im kidding Im kidding, lets not turn this into a pro/con crossover thread!

Good idea, Sears and the Bay were the first two that popped into my head.

Sporchek (Are they across the Country?)

My first thought is, dont rock the boat. Dont hurt what is good now. Dont rush Ottawa,Dont rush expansion, etc.

I think there is a need to win toronto NFL fans over, while keeping to at least the present fan level elsewhere.

Fight anything that encourages NFL interest in Toronto, but do it very subtly.

Also, for the grey cup, dont just depend on host city to get the party going.

Well, we have 'em over here in Ontario, so if you guys have them in B.C., I'd imagine so.

And I also like the idea of t-shirts in cases of beer. Can't remember who came up with it. But it's a good idea. Throw some team shirts in cases of Blue and Molson and maybe some more regional beers.

I for one do not like to tie the CFL in with alcohol.

How about Pepsi instead?

We get Rider stuff in cases of Pilsner during football season here...footballs, flags...not bad, if you have a beer drinker in the

Ugh...Pepsi...count me out... :lol:

Yes, T-shirts in beer cases!

Molsons are you listening?

We are Canadian, the Canadian Football League.

Good idea Chief! (With apologies to the original poster who suggested it in another thread....I forgot who you are)

I think they should do a deal with breakfast cereal, such a Shreddies (Shred the Defence with Shreddies!) or some such. I'm just remembering the fun I had as a kid with stuff like that. They could have a cut-out card on the back and maybe a give-away website for a contest for a jersey for the team of your choice and two tickets to a game or something.

More variety of merchandise at the on line store would be nice, with maybe some tasteful higher-end items such as cool leather jackets. They also need to make sure it doesn't take three months or more to get it when you order the stuff.

I see no problem. They do it with hockey all the time.

Lower shipping costs would also be nice. :lol:

I guess it matters whether or not one wants to promote the CFL for the whole family. IN fact, the wise thing is to target todays kids. They will or will not be the ones to support the CFL tomorrow.

You Saskatchewan people do a good job supporting the CFL and the Riders. I have a dish and I am so amazed at all the commercials and Air time that the Riders get in the Province when I tune in your Regina / Saskatoon TV stations. I think I vaguely remember a Gainer Commercial at some point. I wish we could get a quarter of the air time for the Lions out here.

I don't see why we can't target both groups... T-shirts in beer for the adults and whatever else for the kids.

I mean, isn't Molson a sponsor of the Als? Could swear I remember seeing their logo on the field.

yup, they are

Molson Stadium!

And didn't your Eskies have the Molsons logo on their jerseys one year?

They may have... I honestly can't remember off the top of my head.

(I'm terrible when it comes to uniforms. I nearly bought my Peyton jersey in white because I thought it was the home jersey. Apparently not. :lol: )

Actually Molson stadium has nothing to do with the beer

There's another Molson corporation?

Really, is there not a big red Molson Export Logo on the field? Am I dreaming?

I thought anything with the Molson name is connected to beer.