Next Offensive Coordinator

I've been a big fan of BC's Jacques Chapdelaine since he played in the CFL. He's made great strides as BC's OC since his career ended a few years ago. Hamilton could do a lot worse than pry him away from Vancouver to do the same thing in Hamilton and groom him to eventually take over from Marshall.

An Argo fan

I watched the game last night and the last couple of weeks. BC has struggled in the second half. Last night Dickenson goes down. The BC offence does not really show much and Wally has to bring back an injured Dickenson to seal the win. Let's face it an offensive scheme is only as good as the QB and OC working together. Once PaoPao and Maas get a little more time together (more than 5 games) I am sure the offence will start moving the ball. Now if we can just stop all the penalties.

I don’t know what the problem is because the offense was the same last year with Danny and the other co-ordinater. Five yard passes with no first down. Burris averaged over 20 yards a pass at the half and Mass avg. was 7 yds. ??? why??? why??? WHY ???

You guys either need an o-line that can give Maas time or a quarterback like Burris or Joseph who can scramble and find someone. How many times did Maas look deep and got surrounded by players. Then he tries to force plays and throws interceptions.

Doug how many points did Calgary score in the second half ?? Average gains by pass does not put the ball in the end zone . They scored 7 points on 2 field goals and 1 on Borehams missed field goal . Hardly a sparkling offensive performance by them .

Maybe the yard markers are closer together at Ivor Whine Stadium so it's really only 7 yards for a 1st down. Hence Reed's over-reliance on the short game.

An Argo fan

Are you kidding?

Totally different formations with tons of complex motion, none of which we saw last year.

It's only a matter of execution. Tons of new folks on the o-line, QB, RB and receivers. We gotta be patient.