Next Offensive Co-ordinator???

…Lots of speculation out there…One name that has popped up( according to Drew Edwards he’s already on the way to the Peg) is Marcel Bellefeuille…I wouldn’t have a problem with Marcel…he definitely is an x’s and o’s guy…I believe he was an o.c. in Montreal before his tenure in the hammer…You’d hope he has learned and advanced a lot since those days…Montreal fans weren’t too enamoured with him as o.c. but that was quite awhile ago…I guess we’ll see a few more names pop-up shortly …Until all of the head coaching vacancies are filled, i wouldn’t expect us to make a move, although you never know… :roll:

He was receivers and running backs coach in Montreal in 2006, not OC. He was OC in Saskatchewan before he went to Montreal.

I hope this is due diligence and nothing more. Marcel is probably a great guy but, his offences have always stunk.

I knew he was an o.c. somewhere...I stand corrected....AND corrections are fine but what;s your take??????? :roll: :roll: Pigseye says he's not thrilled..Is it :thup: :thdn: on Marcel

:thdn: He was O.C. in Sask for the first 4 or 5 years of the Barret era. Very bland offensive strategy and pretty much 9-9 every year. Very similar to his H.C. record. I'm thinking you could do a lot better than Marcel.

He was offensive coordinator with Montreal,in 2007, the year Jim Popp was the Head coach. In 2006 he was Receiver and running back coach,under Don Matthews.


I wonder,atfer being HC,will he be OK fitting in the same way Baressi did or will he want more control.I have no problem with him,in fact he came to mind first.We could probably do worse than Marcel.

His bio says nothing about being OC for Montreal. How strange. Thanks for clarifying that.

Yeah those Rider offenses were just too eerily similar to what the Bombers have being doing, ball control with a lot of short passes, no thanks, we have seen enough of that already.

....George Cortez has expressed interest in coming back to the CFL...He was being considered for a head-coaching job and still is by a few teams ,namely B.C. and Ham.....IF he doesn't catch-on as head honcho would he be considered as a offensive co-ordinator here???????Just a thought :roll:

You could certainly do worse. . . he's had a pretty good track record as an O/C

George Cortez isn't likely to leave his NFL job to come to a position where he doesn't call his own plays as he had done in his prior time in the CFL. Unless Lapo changes his mind or has his mind changed in that regard, it's highly unlikely Cortez or anyone of his background level takes the position. Bellefeuille is a long shot too, but considering all the questions surrounding his decision making, particularly this year with the Ticats, maybe he would be interested in a job where he has less of the decision making responsibility. Still think that it will be an internal promotion for Wiesehan with Delmonaco or Walters as dark horse candidates, or a guy with less experience like Dyce or Khari Jones, or a new name and not someone who has been at it for a while.

Calling plays is a very small part of the duties of an OC. Almost half the of the HCs in the League call the plays for their teams rather than the OC. I wish people would stop putting such emphasis on that one aspect because IMO it’s ridiculous to say someone wouldn’t take a job for that reason.

Dyce a guy with less experience?!? Wiesehan has 4 years experience as an OC at RPI. Delmonaco and Walters (who was a DC at Guelph before becoming HC) have no experience as an OC. All three have “only” 2 years CFL coaching experience. Bob Dyce has been coaching in the CFL for 9 years and coached in the CIS for another 7.

Sorry blueblood, I guess my post wasn't clear to you. I was referring specifically to experience as a CFL OC, not just coaching experience in general or OC experience at other levels of football. My opinion is I don't think they get someone that has A LOT OF EXPERIENCE AS A CFL OC. I'm not diminishing any of the aforementioned guys as being good candidates. I'm just saying that they are guys who haven't had a wealth of experience as a CFL OC and, again, in my opinion are probably the likelier pool of candidates for the bombers spot as opposed to say a George Cortez whose name was mentioned by other posters. I'm not sure who you want or anticipate as OC, I was under the impression this was a forum to speculate on who might be the next OC. I humbly apologize for ruffling your feathers with my opinion and I promise to be more specific in the future.

What's Rick Worman doing these days?

Current RB coach of the Ticats.

Haven’t heard much, anyone hearing any news on candidates being interviewed?

Marcel B
Bob D

Anyone else???

...pretty quiet on the Bomber front pigseye......Kubie wanted to know what Rick Worman was doing these days...I see he just interviewed for the head-knock in catville...If he doesn't catch on there i'd like to see him get a look here for oc. :roll:

Personally I don't expect much to happen until after the head coaching positions have been filled for other teams.

The FP reported in Thursday's paper that Dyce will be interviewed "later this week".

speaking of Worman, he apparently interviewed for the HC job with the Cats.