Next OC

Who are the options for the next OC? LaPolice, I have some odd feeling we have not seen the end of Cortez's.

I think LaPolice is a candidate, not Cortez. Coach Austin said he is going to evaluate all the present staff before making a decision. It is in the video under, Meet the New Boss.

Did LaPo work under Austin in Saskatchewan ?

About Cortez. . .

Would Kent Austin have the courage to hire him as O/C ? With all Cortez's faults as a head coach, there is no question but that he ran a superb offence. If Austin had the courage to hire him, would Cortez's pride stand in the way or would he gracefully accept the O/C post?

Hiring Cortez is just crazy!

Yes his offence was good - but why would he accept the OC position with a team that fired him for money that he could collect while sitting at home.

I am not worried about this offence no matter who is coaching it.

Its the defence!

I said the same thing last year before an after they hired Cortez and all the Grey Cup contention talk.

During his farewell interview, Drew inquired about future endeavors, and George responded that he will likely be searching for an AC position next season.

Personally, I'd like to see the Cortez/Burris tandem once again in 2013 although admittedly may be unrealistic.

Has anyone else notice they all ready removed the whole coaching staff list in the Teams list! I find that very odd! :?

No, because a new regime brings change. He said in the press conference he will evaluate everybody.


They've hit the reset button (again).

Kent Austin said he's gonna evaluate everyone.

Paul LaPolice would be a great choice. He may not have been a great HC but he would do well in the OC position.

With respect to Cortez, I would welcome him back as OC, although I think Austin will go with LaPolice as he would be the guy to take over in a few years when Austin wants to focus on front office duties. Also, this team has re-hired a formal coach as a DC (Ron Lancaster hired Sutherin after he was released) if I recall correctly.

I agree that LaPolice would be a good fit. Cortez would work too, but he would have to eat alot of crow to make it work.

A little off topic but I stand by Greg Marshall for DC.

I think it would be the one two punch to make us definite contenders.

Yes. Lapo was receivers coach for the Riders in 2007.

Lapolice is sitting on two more years salary. A lot may ride on how that deal is structured. He would be a good choice.

If they did offer Cortez the position of O/C and he said no, would they still be obligated to pay his salary? Or, since they are paying his salary couldnt they just tell him he is the new Oc?

Forget all this talk about Cortez being our OC.
He's gone. His time is over.
Despite his talents on offence he can't come back. Just not done when you have been HC.
Cortez will find something good as an assistant back in the NFL.

I am sorry i am so stupid. I have heard of an OC position a DC position

even a ST position Special teams ] Yah! but what is an AC position?

Does it have something to do with sex? It is a tangled web you weave, tangled web.

Assistant coach

If his contract does not indicate otherwise, I would think that any demotion would be considered a constructive dismissal, and he would not be obligated to accept it.

I may be mistaken, but I believe Ken Miller was the OC during Austin's 2007 Grey Cup run with Saskatchewan. The year after, Miller became HC and LaPolice moved into the OC role, which suggests that LaPo was a position coach the year before and thus has some prior connection to Austin. Personally, I think LaPo would be a good fit in Hamilton regardless.