Next OC Will Be........

None other than Kevin Glenn.

For a guy who has never called his own plays, he has done pretty well in his last 3 starts.

Berry must realize that Glenn is on his way out unless he can pull off a miracle this year, so why not let him learn on the fly ?

What do you guys think, would Glenn make a good choice as an OC ?

Isn’t he already calling his own plays?

Ugh...I don't know...maybe in time.

We really need an seasoned CFL OC here though...

In a pig's eye.

I can't even name one OC out there right now (not presently employed) who they could even approach for the position ?

And who knows the Berry offense better than Glenn ?

Good points. I'd love to see a guy like Dunnigan try his hand as OC. He didn't have enough experience to be successful as a head coach his first time around, but I bet he'd excel as a co-ordinator.

Glenn's been doing a great job, I agree, but...
I think it may be time for a new system...

After listening to Dunigan on TSN, I can't see him ever wanting to work for Doug Berry. Dunigan was very vocal in his criticism of Berry's coaching this season -- from the Westwood affair to Glenn suddenly being forced to call his own plays to benching Glenn for Dinwiddie and all points in between. I don't think he'd want to work for Berry at all.