Next man up: Riders' Schaffer-Baker makes best of opportunity

REGINA- In his first CFL game, Candian wide receiver, Kian Schaffer-Baker capitalized on Riders “next man up” mentality, turning heads in his debut.

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Hey Sask fans ! Calgary's attendance (both games on no work next day) was down 11% (friday). Regina's attendance (both games on no work next day) down 14% (Sat). Guess a team that wins is a turn off for you Rider fans, EH ? LOL !

What's that got to do with Schaffer-Baker?

Anyways, he's already got a new knick: Schafe-and-bake. :+1:

Great to see so much Canadian talent. Labour day, sold out for over a week now should be a blast! The 2 best teams go at it. Ill give the edge to:
Offence-Based on stats the Riders have an Edge. Their record at home is outstanding and Fajardo has been the best QB in the league to date.

Defence- Winnipeg, Willie Jefferson gives every team he is on the edge. He is the best player in the CFL!! Both teams front 7 have been outstanding.

Special teams- Riders. Ryan and Lauther have the edge in kicking. Punt/kick returns have been so so for both teams.

QB- Cody Fajardo!

Head coach- Winnipeg, O'Shea was the Grey Cup Champ back in 2019. I will give him a very slight edge. Dickenson has been a great find for the Roughriders...a pleasant surprise. I will however give the edge to Jason Mass as the O-coordinator. He has done a great job with the Rider offence.

Experience- Winnipeg

Discipline- Winnipeg. Riders have taken wayyyy to many penalties.

Home field- It will be a factor. Each team will likely draw opposition into 2-3 penalties at home due to the noise and changing plays for the Bombers at the line will be difficult. So for labour day the Riders get the edge.

RESULT = Tie game. (yuck!!)

but you still only had 8 fans in the stadium

Do you stamp fans ever post on your own site??? Your consistent posting on Rider stories says a lot about you. Nothing but jealousy. Go check your post count and what stories you post on. You fools probably have more Rider posts than the most ardent Rider fan.

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Fool being the operative word

percentiles aside riders are sitting sold out seats...stamps...what you get 10 people show up and it is is only down one percent from 2019 attendance figures...your only sell outs are when Saskatchewan plays there.

Yea this thread can be locked now any time.