Next head coach

There is so much on this team that needs fixing:

Offensive line;
Receiving corps;
Offensive coordinator;
GM/player personnel diretor;
Ownership (maybe);
where to play (maybe).

But, at least one move has been made now, in the firing of Bart Andrus.

So. . . who would you want to look at as the new head coach?

Some of the names being bandied about in various reports:

Scott Milanovich (offensive coordinator, Montreal)
Tim Burke (defensive coordinator, Montreal)
Greg Marshall (defensive coordinator, Hamilton)
George Cortez (offensive coordinator, Calgary)
Danny Barrett (just got promoted to interim head coach at his US college so probably not interested)
Mike Benavides (defensive coordinator in BC. . . they considered him last year, although WHY is a mystery to me)
Steve Buratto (current special teams coordinator in Toronto)
Chris Jones (defensive coordinator in Calgary)
Matt Dunigan (TSN talking head)
Damon Allen

If the list was limited to those, who would you choose?

Well according to Nicholson they felt they had a team to compete for a playoff spot. He said it wasn't the best team but MUCH better than they showed. I disagree. Rita must have a little pouch with magic powder that he sprinkes on people and than controls them LOL !

Fine, but my question was, which of those named would you be interested in as a head coach?

They should have a combine

Day One

"The Chalk" : Coach has sixty seconds to draw as many plays as he can.

"The Curse": Coach has sixty seconds to use as many curse words as possible without recycling any.

"The Spit": Coach will project a 10g chunk of Chewing Tobacco as far as possible. Point where the largest chunk lands will be measured.

"The Gatorade" Coach will sit to the neck line in a galvanized tub of ice cold Gatorade for as long as possible

There are some decent prospects there... But I'll go with the last two. Put me down for Matt Dunigan as head coach & throw in Damon Allen as his offensive coordinator or QB coach.

Yes i think Damon Allen might make a good QB coach. . . maybe an offensive coordinator, but I don’t think he’s head coach material at this point in time.

I'm probably the same as the Argo owners and who ever else makes the decision on a new coach. I'm kind of gun shy. Two big expensive mistakes in a row. But in hind sight with my 20/20 vision just about anyone of the afore mentioned names would have been better than poor old Bart. ( the poor guy looked like he had aged 10 years from July to October).
However, I'm not to impressed with most of the list. Scott Milanovich is suppose to be a top candidate according to the Toronto Star, my gut instinct says he might be.
Greg Marshall ? passed over too many times, not a Toronto type guy, Cortez ? career assistant IMO, Barrett ? should stay in Buffalo, Buratto ? should stay in Montana (might make a better GM or Per. Dir. than a coach though), Jones and Burke ? two unknowns Toronto needs a name guy.
That brings us to Dunnigan ? he knows the game and he is a name candidate, but how much did he learn in Calgary and would he want the job?
Damon Allen ? knows the game, but has he the demeanor to be a HC? needs to be a OC first IMO.

The CFL Board of Govs, for the leagues sake, needs to get involved here and over rule their GM's if help is needed. The NFL and Rogers couldn't have hoped for a better scenario then what has transpired the last couple of years. If they (the B of G) sit on their hands now and say "its not my problem" they will have nobody to blame but themselves if this franchise loses its fan base again. The CFL loses Toronto and it will become a semi-pro league in a matter of a few years IMO. The new stadiums across the league won't do much good then.

That will probably sound like a simple question to regular argos fans, but I am wondering why Pinball Clemons is not being considered for a more active role with the Argos. He would do much better as a head coach than most of the candidates, in my opinion anyway.

Greg Marshall is an adult, out of the names mentioned? I do not see that any of those guys would be better than Stubler, we are still paying the guy.

BC Pinball is happy with a reduced role with the team so he can spend more time with his family. He does not want to coach anymore so that is whey he is not being considered.

As for your question MadJack as to who would make a good HC for this troubled franchise, I would like to see either George Cortez or another name not mentioned, Paul LaPolice. This team needs to fix the offense, so should hire a true offensive mind.

IMO it is absolutely vital that the next Argo coach be surrounded by CFL-experienced assistants. Hufnagel and Trestman had success because they were willing to learn the Canadian game, and because they had in-house expertise to draw upon (Jones, Cortez, and Barker in Calgary; Milanovich, Burke, and Popp in Montreal). Recent rookie head coaches without experienced assistants have been miserable failures (Taffe and his band of U.S. college cronies, Andrus and nobody, Kelly and Matsakis).

My dream team Argos coaching staff:
Matt Dunigan - HC
Damon Allen - OC or QB coach
Rich Stubler - DC
Dave Dickenson - Rec or QB coach (was asked to join Argos last year I think)
Kavis Reed - ST (maybe)
Mike O'Shea - could do something?...

That's all I have so far. I would have Pinball on there, but that will never happen.

We think alike. I just posted something similiar in the Dave Ritchie topic.

Dunigan was an abject failure as head coach of the Stampeders in just one year. Allen hasn't even been a position coach, let alone an offensive coordinator. The two of them combined have a grand total of one year of coaching experience in the CFL.

If Dunigan is your HC, your OC had better be a battle-tested veteran. Alternatively, if Allen is your OC, your HC needs to have lots of CFL experience. No offense, but the coaching combination you have suggested looks like a recipe for disaster to me.

The simple answer. No to Steve Burrato.
Special teams were, arguably, the worst part of a bad Argo team.
Scott Milanovich is the name I like best on the list given.
Not sure of his availability though.

Bart Andrus? Contact him and say we give you one more chance, offer him a 90 thousand dollar 1 year contract and cancel the existing contract! Bring in a consultant that Bart would account to for all decisions, including when and when not to gamble on 3rd down, and who is starting at various positions.

That's pretty funny. I can see you're really into fantasy football.

Ya, it looks crazy... I know. But I did say it was my "dream Argos coaching staff". Meaning: These are guys I like, but will (or should) it happen?... Not too likely. Having said that, even if it was a total train wreck would it be any worse than the gong show we've seen for the past couple of years?

Well according to today's news reports:

[url=] ... s-coach-0/[/url]

The Argos are down to two candidates, Doug Berry and George Cortez

The Argos said they were going to go in another direction after Milanovich turned them down. The problem is do they even know what direction that is.
Its obvious all the foot dragging is because of the ownership fiascal. It starting to look like Cinammon and Sokolowski are just making the league suffer because the BOG wouldn't go along with their request to share the wealth. Hold up the sale to Braley as long as possible as a get even tactic it would appear. I don't know what the league can really do at this point, as long as the team continues to function, albeit at a snails pace. For the league to take over the franchise would probably result in a law suit.
Pretty sad after they were hailed as heros for "saving" the franchise back in 2004.