Next Head Coach.

Good call. Wonder if Big Joe could help the pass rush...actually...get him in a uniform.

I guess I'd be in the Danny Barrett camp, too...but, still not sure. No home-runs that I can see.

Personally, i think Bellefeuille is the problem, not the solution...but, I guess that remains to be seen.

You don't think the defence is the problem?

................I believe matt dunagan is the man for the job.................

I agree with Dunnigan.He inherited a very bad Calgary team.He turned the team around very quickly even though he had to work for an insane owner that demanded that his son be qb.Matt molded a good team and and was unfairly fired when new owners took over.

How about the last Greg Marshall, he doesn’t look too bad now.

i would like to have Danny Barret, where is he now? coaching for the university of buffalo?

Next head coach........Wally Buono.

You heard it hear first.

Hey I can dream can't I.

Besides, stranger things have happened. ie Ron Lancaster from Edmonton. Hmmmmm


Coaching Staff

HC - George Cortez (Calgary)
OC - Mike Kelly (Edmonton)
DC - Mike Roach (BC)
ST - Chuck McMann (BC)
QB - Danny McManus (Hamilton)
RB - Andy Bischoff (Montreal)
WR - Jacques Chapdelaine (BC)
OL - Kris Sweet (Calgary)
DL - Ron Estay (Saskatchewan)
LB - Mark Kilam (Calgary)
DB - Mark Washington (BC)

Scratch Matthews, although he has said he only would have gone to Toronto anyaway.

Jacques Chapdelaine.

Danny Barrett. He helped turn around the Riders. The players like him so he helps to get good talent on the team. He is far too loyal so he couldn't quite get us a championship. I think he would be good in Hamilton though.

Uhh coaches aren’t going to leave their current team without getting a promotion…

I beleive Dunigan could be a decent head coach, but I beleive he would not be the right person for the ticats right now. I think it will take someone older and more calm and experienced to right ticat ship right now. Dont know who that be tho.

No, no, no, no, no, no. No Dunnigan. Terrible headcoach. His resume as a coach is terrible. No more experiments please. Bring in a real head coach. An established head coach. No ex players or converted coordinators.

And what head coaches are available? The answer is probably only guys who have been fired from their last five gigs.

And btw the top 3 coaches in the league this year were converted offensive coordinators, Trestman, Huffnaggel and Ken Miller.

And all 3 are the number one reason why STubler and his zone defence is no longer the big defensive trend in the league any more.

They are going to stick with Bellefeuille, this is not an audition.

I think that's a good bet. Ilike this guy's smarts and enthusiasm. He's driven, and Obie knows it.

Huffnagel is a very experienced coach and does have headcoaching experience. Trestman is also coach from the NFL - walked into an organization run by Jim Popp. We all know the Alouette formula works regardless of who is there, although they are not as strong this year as they have been. So maybe Trestman isn't all that good. Miller, yes he's doing well - inherited the grey cup champs. 'Nuff said. We need a coach who can come in and turn around one heck of a mess. I'm not sure that any of those guys would've fared well coming in here. I wanted Dave Ritchie from day one and I'd still like him. I don't care how old he is. People around here seem to think that age is somehow relevant. If a 73 year old can run for president of the United States, then a 70 year old can coach a CFL team.

8) If you read todays Spec, you would see where Obie says that Dave Ritchie was not a candidate now for interim coach, nor is he a candidate for a future coach next year here in Hamilton !!
 Then again, Obie said that Charlie's job was secure for the remainder of this year, and then 3 days later he fires him  !!!

 Not much credibility there at all  !!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Dave Ritchie is good as assistant coach, but reeks as HC. Biggest flaw, game time coaching. Constant makes bonehead game time decisions. Hated him in BC for that.