Next Head Coach.

Ok, so who is qualified to be a CFL headcoach for our tabbies?

(The other) Greg Marchall's name has been bandied about for a few years now.

He's a defensive specialist, something that is badly needed here.

Hopefully Stubler won't last either and he'd become available as a DC. Yeah, yeah I know. Wishful thinking.

Offensively, I love Bellefeuille's run game and despise the lack of passing game. How much experience has Danny MacManus gained with this team this season?

Who else is on the up and coming HC list?

I would go hard after Richie Hall, Saskatchewan DC.

Dave Ritchie could do a good job.

BINGO! I really think it's Richie's time and he would definitely be on my short list.

Oski Wee Wee,

Whatever it takes to get Danny Barrett back into the CFL, Hamilton should do it.

Danny is a great MOTIVATOR and has the CFL Pedigree this job requires. I can’t think of anyone who would be a BETTER INFLUENCE on our talented tandem of QB’s either.


Ritchie,Ritchie,Ritchie :thup: :thup: :thup:

How old is Dave Ritchie ?

His wikipedia bio says he's retired.

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either Dave Ritchie or Richie Hall. :thup:

Another name worth mentioning would be Matt Dunagan.

I know he blew up bigtime [in a bad way] with Calgary a few years back but he was also given way to much responsablity.
Head Coach, GM, OC & so on.

I think he's ready for a HC job. he's an excellent football mind.

That's who I wanted last offseason. The only other CFL coach I'd want would be Cortez.

If not one of them then go after SouthernFloridaUniversity's head coach.

It doesn't matter who we hire. We go the rookie route in Marshall, failure, we go the experienced route in Taffe, failure.

I'd love to see Dave Ritchie or Don Matthews but do you think they would want to come to this disaster? If Taffe doesn't even get 2 years here, how much will they get, 3, maybe?

Hopefully BC misses the playoffs and fire Buono!

Have to agree with Meanstreak, Danny Barrett. That is who I was hoping they would sign for this season! Good CFL mind and good motivator.

I think that Dave Ritchie would love to come back to the game. He could make Danny Mac his OC and groom him as his replacement. Dave is already tired of going shopping w/ Sharon. He was at the Toronto - Hamilton game w/ Gil Scott.

Hmmm...Sidleines an insider?

It wasn't because they were rookies tgat they failed, they just weren't that great. It's proven that rookie coaches can come in and do great things.

we go the experienced route in Taffe, failure.

Yes Charlie had experience in the CFL w/ Montreal were he took over an established team. He was out of the CFL for years before coming back. Dave Ritchie has turned around two teams w/ losing records and taken them to the Grey Cup. Winning one w/ b.C. and losing one that they should have won w/ Winnipeg. He wanted to come to Hamilton but they hired Charlie instead.

Marc Trestman being the latest example.....

However, my HC short list would include Danny Barrett and Richie Hall but not Dave Ritchie.

As important (if not more so) would be the coordinators....I can see either Danny Mac or Dave Dickenson in the O/C role.

I would also try to reignite some Ticat pride by bringing in as junior, position coaches, guys like Morreale, Hitchcock, and Montford, if they have any interest in getting into coaching.

Danny Barrett would be a perfect fit for our team.

Agreed, Danny Barrett.

Looks like Bellefeuille has a shot at the HC position.