Next-generation Wetenhall looks to make Alouettes a CFL power again

Ha ha!

This gave Johnny a good laugh. According to Junior Wetenhall, the Alouettes can make the playoffs this season!

Johnny laughed so hard he farted!

The Commish, needs to start drug testing owners.

I used to be so into this team, i could name you the beer vendors name to the president of the guys who run with the flags on the field after a touchdown...I barely know the coaches name...friday nights I would watch the clock at work...cant wait till tonight Molson Stadium i find other things to do instead of planning my day around watching this team. Friday I actually have softball, so i will be getting sauced at the park after my game...watching Alouettes drunk is better trust me

For the last few seasons, and it would appear for this season as well, you have to be sauced to watch this team! That way the only care you have the following day is getting over your hangover!

But! - long sigh! - I'm still a fan at heart, and I hope the coaches can motivate the guys to get a string of Ws together!

If they do, Mike, we'll run out, get a bunch of 24s, and get sauced together! Sound like a plan?

With the quantities required this season, you two might want to get together and brew your own :slight_smile:

I never seen this Dave Morrissette guy before but he is quite funny to watch interviewing Andrew Wetenhall. At one point Andrew looks terrified that Morrissette will put him in a bear hug or headlock :slight_smile:

Too bad Morrissette didn't give Junior Wetenhall one of these.

If we win like 5 games, will have a Alouettes forum celebration all together promise!!!


The marketing genius of the Alouettes:

If we can't get them to watch our sorry a.. on the field maybe we can sell them beer in the end zone tents cheaper than the local bars.

Truth... Alouettes first CFL team to offer a "cover charge". They should go full rhutard and offer a coat check too LMAO

Lower it to 1 and at least you can have good weather at your celebration.