Next Generation Tight End

The number of guys playing the position so as to be often as much a threat as the #1 receiver, and the results out of especially the 2010 draft, have put this type of tight demand in high demand in drafts.

Coby Fleener appears the only clear guy for consideration in the first round now, but these other guys are not only my sleepers at this position.

I have no doubt teams are holding their cards to their vests on these guys in this order by my selection of potential:

Ladarius Green, Louisiana-Lafayette
Michael Egnew, Missouri
James Hanna, Oklahoma
Derek Carrier, Beloit College

The search has even extended to an Australian rugby player!

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BONUS COVERAGE: Dr. Phil On The Jehts

That's interesting. Love the "ground and pound" phrase, similar to "three yards and a cloud of dust". :wink:

It's only two teams who play dominant ball control offence any more, and those are the very same two as were predicted to be at the top of the market for Tim Tebow: Jacksonville and the NY Jets.

A few other teams still use fullbacks often for not just short yardage and ball control but rather when they can dominate a deficient defence or one with a really weak side. Often the results show up not just in yards and first downs but also in numerous tackles by OLBs and DBs.

Remember what the NY Giants did to Green Bay in the 4Q of the playoffs? They ran at will even when it was clear to the defence before the snap and after being stuffed on the run for most of the game, and that's often the ultimate result for an offence with a great ground game and patience let alone its other weapons.

The next generation tight end helps whether it is a spread offence, as is often the case in Green Bay and usually the set in New Orleans, a West Coast ball control game like in San Francisco, and in the variable sets of the New England Patriots.

Adding in such a tight end the capability to stretch the field and get yards after the catch on top of decent blocking skills and short-yardage dumps has really raised hell in so many games for defensive coordinators.

Now teams are also scouting taller OLBs and DBs to help them out in coverage too.

The Colts made the right move to take Fleener in the second round despite the gaps on defence.

If there was not the need at CB, I would have no issue with the Colts with taking another tight end in the third round too given that apparently Dwayne Allen can run good routes downfield too and given the natural match for Luck for an offence that uses tight ends regularly. Underrated CB Josh Robinson, who was taken two picks later, was overlooked. Also I had TE Michael Egnew, taken later in the third round by Miami, as a dark horse and ahead of Allen.

As for the rest of the picks for the Colts, well BOO including fast but undersized TY Hilton at receiver later in the third round!

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The Chargers already have a good plan for Ladarius Green.

To me he was the second-best tight end in the draft and the best dark horse, but teams passed on him until the fourth round.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to attempt what they have in New England by using tight ends Marcedes Lewis and Zach Miller (not the Zach Miller formerly with Oakland and now with Seattle of the exact same name and spelling!).

Lewis is half the equation but not that Zach Miller, so with Gabbert still being pushed to start still, get ready for another season of BIG SUCK in Jacksonville and GO COLTS!

Houston is the clear division favourite now though.

As expected the Colts are at it with two tight ends too as are also the Chiefs:

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Notice that so far that all the teams who seem to be implementing the scheme are in the AFC too.

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Above is as solid a review of formations/X's and O's for new double tight end sets as you will ever read.

The formations used successfully by the New England Patriots are discussed along with snapshots.

No doubt a few more teams are studying the film and implementing new schemes with two athletic tight ends themselves.