Next Generation Coaches

Been watching CIS closely now for about 10 years, and with the turnover in the CFL ranks of coaches, who do you think has the abilities to make the jump to the pros..

Greg Marshall of Western who already coached the Cats?
Stefen Ptaszek MAC Head Coach?
Jon Behie OC MAC?
Greg DeLaval OC Calgary Dinos?
Glen Constantin Laval HC?
Jeff Cummins Acadia HC (Former TiCat)?

We've seen a newer generation of coaches creep in with the likes of Kavis Reed and Corey Chamblin, who do you think is next to come?

I'm to understand Glen Constantin has pretty much said he's staying with Laval, no matter what and that he's not interested in a CFL position. Greg Marshall of Western is a different Greg Marshall, don't know if he'd be interested. is Western's coach is our old DC (who I would love to see back with us)

Stefan Ptaszek I'm pretty sure isn't going to go anywhere until he has built a legacy for McMaster's Football program. Jeff Cummins I'm to understand is looking to help build the AUS conference of the CIS. I also hate to say it, but Acadia is a big fish in a small pond as there are only 4 teams in their conference (hopefully 5 soon with Moncton).

I think more likely the team though might look at NCAA coaching prospects.

Blake Nill would be first on my list.

The Greg Marshal who coaches Western was the Tiger-Cat head coach in 2004 until he was fired midway through the 2006 season.

If I thought a head coach was required, I wouldn't be afraid to approach anyone on the list in the opening post.

They are solid students of the Canadian game and would likely do well in the CFL.

He's not a CIS coach, but I feel like Dave Dickenson will make the jump to a head coaching position sometime soon.

Out of all the assistants in the league, I'd agree Dickenson is among the front runners coming.

Exactly. A true student of the Canadian game, and he's had success at SMU and U of Calgary. I can't fathom why guys like this are not given the opportunity to lead a CFL team?

Marshall at Western makes 6 figures, like he' come back to Hamilton and be tossed aside again, with the first "mistake" by whomever.

We'd have a Grey Cup right now if he was still head coach IMHO, but it is what it is. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: Dumb Hamilton decisions, again, and again, and again..... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

A fine list, but why would any of those coaches take the job of 'professional scapegoat' over their current positions which also offer much more job security?

sorry, but none of those metioned would be able to be a head coach immediately, and despite what some will say, the Greg Marshall experiment was a failure as anyone who was close to the team would know. However, everyone of those mentioned other than Behie who still needs some CIS experience, would be in my opinion, good assistants, and from there, well, it all depends on the success and make up of the team.

The one who I think would be the first to be considered is Jeff Cummins, whose background is varied enough to be able to have instant credibility with all lot of imports. As good as Ptaszek for example may be, you know he would be a hard sell to NCAA imports, so you have to develop your cred.

There was alwasy the notion that Marcel was not respected by many players because of his football background which clearly could not compare with an NCAA background. Not that this is right and that every NCAA experienced player or coach is superior, far from it, but the reality is that someone from a school down south is just going to have more juice than a Carleton Raven grad (no offence intended to any past Ravens)

He will in Calgary. Huf will step aside to solely be the GM and hand the reins to Dickenson.

I think Jacques Chapdelaine might be a good head coach.

I don't think your "credentials" have that much to do with whether any prima donna who walks in accepts you or not. It's the way you approach, lead, set examples, direct, etc etc that a player will either start to respect after a week or so or will not.... It may come later. Or it may never come. Not that much to do with credentials after a week or so of seeing what you actually got as a coach.
I know Behie is as green as grass. But, i get a kick out of watching him use his clipboard to cover his mouth when making play calls on the sideline. lol

Wally passing him over in favour of Benevides made me rethink that... :expressionless:

He would have come to the Ticats if he was offered the HC job here instead they went with Cortez who i did not think would come. dickenson will be an awesome HC