Next games the big one

Fickle is the word but everyone's allowed to change their mind or be convinced to put it aside for now.

Ron You keep saying that firing Taaffe will put the team in complete disarray and they will "flounder". I'm not convinced that this would happen, but you are entitled to your opinion. Saying it as fact might be a little over the top, however.
And as far as the next game being the big game. An optimist would agree with you. And you could be right, we win, Argos lose we are back in the running. Problem is we have to keep winning and the Argos have to keep losing. It can happen but history is not on our side.
We all need a little optimism and hope. So let's pray we are still in this thing after Saturday. BC is not the team they have been over the past few years so I admit that there is a chance for us to come out with a win.

I am an optimist too ruff. It'll be quite a challenge. Bottom line, this team is close to being a playoff team. Only two games have been out of reach for us. Printers looked pretty amazing his first game back. That diving touchdown was amazing. A lot of things to highlight this year.

This Sat will be the first game I miss. Figures we get a weekend afternoon game and I can't go. Lucky my daughter is worth it. :slight_smile:

I hate to burst your bubble - the season is over - Obie has not found a suitable replacement for our Mr. Woodard season long blocking problem. For that matter Obie has brought in very few people to shore up the weak spots. Were done so just sit back and enjoy.

I am impressed. How'd you know I was going to say the Taafe coached team?

I would like to know whats going to happen
if we lose??? That's the big question.

Lose the next game and their slim playoff hopes are over.

It doesn't sound like they are going to fire Taafe this season so the best case scenario would be that the Cats will continue to play entertaining football and that it will be enough to keep the fans enthusiastic about next year.

Or they'll play out the string to lopsided defeats and everyone will be miserable.

A bold prediction, going out on a limb here: B.C. will win on Saturday.

If the offensive co-ordinator would listen to a few of the suggestions on this list I honestly believe we could beat BC. A few swing passes to Mr. Lumsden. A screen pass or two to caulley and lumsden who are both in the backfield for more than one play. A couple of long throws to PRod. Throw them up and let him go get it. At least stretch out the defence. `more play action passes like williams was doing by our Mr. Printers. Quick releases and lots of creativity in the running plays rather than jesse off tackle every play. It's not that difficult.
I'm sure lots of people have ideas here. Let's hear em. Maybe we can inspire Bellefeuille to a little more creative play calling.

As bad as our offensive line is we can put points up on anyone in this league. That is why the key to this game is with the defense, we need to be able to stop the big play, if we can do that we will be in the game in the 4th quarter.

No...the next game(s) are now meaningless. Which sucks since I have my tix for Mtl.
This is what kills me most about these losing seasons...2 wins at Labour Day. Now there will be about 16,000 at the games and a dead, funeral like atmosphere.

THIS game is the big one???
When we're four points back?
No. The LDC was the BIG game to tie in the standings with a sweep of the season series.

I think you should be offering defensive suggestions.

The offence has improved.

The LDC was the last big game. Ticats HAVE to win this game to maintain their slight hopes.
I (gulp) think they'll do it.


That's the spirit.

I too think the Cats can beat B.C.

If we can just get a decent pass rush I think we'll be fine.

I think we will be fine too, if the
coaching staff dosen't blow it for us!

Its always the next game or next year. If the Ti Cat management was serious about making the playoffs they would have used the bye week to improve the team instead they did nothing while the Argos shook things up. Now after several blatant screw ups by our coach we hear wait till the season is over and we will evaluate the coach. Never a ounce of urgency with this team. We should all wait until next season to buy a ticket and take their approach.