Next games the big one

If they beat BC there only 2 pts out of a playoff spot. Hamilton has improved a lot if you think back to last year. They can win some games yet.

Mr. Optimism

P.S. fire Taafe

Oh man from what I saw from the lions this week. They are going to torch that young secondary and the Lions Dline are going to try and take out their "favourite ex teammate" all night long...You think Printers was running tonight... He's going to look like a Jamaican Sprinter.

and the potential of having Charles Roberts in the lineup, yes Charles Roberts the Winnipeg Charles Roberts TSN is posting a possible Roberts for Joe Smith trade

at the end of the day, it comes down to making plays. Taffe does not call a fumble and a Printers scramble and then a five yard pass to Lumsden. Taffe does need to use his head but may not have the ability to come Saturday because he may not be standing on the sideline anymore!!!

The next game is the big game? Puuuleees stop this ridiculousness. It's over. we have beat one team this season twice. But we can no longer even beat that team because they have improved and our coaches have not improved our team one bit. it's only getting uglier from here on in.

Pretty much.

Sheesh, what pessimism.

Anything can happen in the CFL. BC didn't look that hot against Montreal. They couldn't win the game from the goal line after 2 Montreal penalties. Next games a 4 pointer.

If he does the cats will probably win.

Might do pretty good on the first 3 runs...

I just hope he doesn't look like a Jamaican bobsledder.

they'd have to trade him to the Stamps for that LOL!

Chances of them Beating B.C are just okay.
they had better Chance to beat the Blue Team and they Blew it.

This game is the season, if we win, we are only 2 points out(given an argos loss) with 8 games left, if we lose we are 4 points out, not easy with only 8 games left. So boys, keep the faith alive and win one this week.

One thing to look forward to those people who bought season tickets are getting there discount next year.

wasn't the last game supposed to be the big one? c'mon ruff,i guess you say whatever you have to to hang on to something right? you're hanging on to false hopes. as far as beating b.c- IF they beat b.c they're 2 points out. you wanna know what else if...
if your aunt had b#lls,she'd be your uncle.sorry pal hal, turn the lights out, the pawty's ovahh.

city legend

My feeling is that Casey will be out with an injury during the next game and that'll be the last we see of him for a while.

He'll be hit often and hard.

Fact 1, My aunt does have balls, but she's not my uncle.

Fact 2, for Hamilton, next game is the big one. If they lose, then, yeah the pawty's ovahh. IF they beat BC there only 2 points out.

Fact 3, Taafe has to go, now.

I was feeling optimistic for a second, ruff.

Until I read your Fact 3.


Many poorly informed people think
this team is in disarray. It's not.

A 3 point loss? Come on!!

Charlie may not be shining as our Head Coach

but if Charlie is fired now, the team
will flounder for the rest of the season

whoever takes over.

No coach can take over now and miraculously
microwave this team out of it's problems.

I agree with your points ronfromtigertown but thier rarely is a good time to fire a coach. If you wait until the end of the season, you turn your coach into a lame duck. You alienate your fan base, who see the ownership as do nothings, unconcerned about winning. Hamilton can't afford that.

The team has improved with Taafe but he keeps making poor judgement calls. I don't see him starting next season as the coach so why wait?

But I shouldn't have brought Taafe into this post since theirs plenty of them around.

Here's to Hamilton pulling off an upset in the big game next week and Taafe keeping his job!

Fickle, I know.

A Taafe coached team and a Buono coached team. Which one do you put your money on?

I thought so.

An Argo-Cat fan