Next Game

So the Cats play Montreal next week and what will happen?Has our team gone back to the way it was playing last month?
Does the expression "If it ain't broke don't fix it comeinto mind"?Will the Cats make Colbourne,Thigpen and Grant major parts of game plans or are we just going to fade away this season?What are your thoughts for the next game and the remainder of this season?

This has to be the worst team in the last few years. They get our expectations up and then they funk. At least other years we knew they were pretty much not good, but we did support them. Now you get all pumped and ppphhht they fizzle.

Team and coaches have to review both blow out games against the Als and the Moncton game. What was good, what was bad. Then they should make a list of the things that didn't work and eliminate them from this game plan. Mostly it seems they take THESE plays and concentrate on making them work. The game plan should have a major concentration on plays where ALL of Chris Williams, Terry Grant, Marcus Thigpen, and Avon Colborn are on the field.
I realize the surprise factor of Williams and Grant is done, but they are excellent players.
Friday's fiasco peaked at mediocrity. Dispair set in and I feel some of the players gave up. This is a coaching problem. Coaches here dont design plays around the talent pool available (eg Baggs) but try to fit players to plays they saw in movies or ones they borrowed from other teams. Its hard for players to be involved when they see their talented team mates on the bench or playing out of position.
I think we have the horses, but we need the desire and effective plays. Coaching. Coaching. Coaching.

Wow, I hope everyone is pumped as I am. Two great quarterbacks, and both on the same team! I couldn't fight my way through the tears after this last game! Quinton Porter played an outstanding game - just the way I knew he could. I love both Kevin and Quinton. You know I've been following this game from the 1950's (as a 6 or 7 year old I helped my parents babysit a new Ti-Cat baby while his father played in the Grey Cup -little Dougie sat in front of the TV and I would keep coming up to him and explain to him that that was his father playing in the big game)! Not sure how others feel, but based on this game and the faboluous personnel we have - I smell a GREY GUP this year!

Okay, I noticed your low post count, meaning that you probably don't come around here often, so you're probably unaware of the attitudes in here.

Both Glenn and Porter often get bashed here, as do the coaching staff. Yes, we have the talent to make it to the Grey Cup, but the way the team has been playing, it doesn't look like that will happen.

Thanks (The) Beast for noticing my input into this site. Please understand that I have gone to hundreds of games in Hamilton and I read this website everyday for a short time (please don't tell my boss). Haven't really wanted to share with others up until now because an awful lot of bashing goes on here, but Hamilton fans have to believe some time. I think this is the perfect time. They have the ability to win it all - coaches and all - might not look good for a couple of weeks, but I honestly thing that the whole team will pull together when it counts. I've got a gut feeling, but I think they will do it! Go Cats Go!!!

You mean to tell me you'd rather the team suck because then they can't disappoint? That has to be the most back assward thing I have ever read. I would rather feel the way I felt the past two Novembers than see the team out of it by Labour Day.

On topic, I suspect that the Als will crush the Cats next week. But as long as Hamilton makes the playoffs (and they will), then anything is possible. No one is unbeatable. A couple bounces go Hamilton's way, and who knows what could happen. I still have faith that these guys can make a run, and until they are officially eliminated, I will continue to hold that belief.

Yes but we will need a hell of a lot more than a couple of bounces. Here is the more likely scenario of the Cat's playoff game. Glenn will throw a pick six in the 3rd quarter after stalling all game. MB will then blame the rookie receivers for running the wrong routes but he will pull Glenn anyways. Porter will then throw a couple of nice passes and then fumble when he gets blindsided and MB will start clapping to rally his troupes. Then on the next series he will throw a pick and MB will still be clapping. Our defense will then give up a couple of big plays which will put the game out of reach. The best part about this is that since it won't be a home playoff game we won't have to be walking out of Ivor Wynne all disgruntled like the last couple of years when we choked for the BIG game. The next day MB will have a press conference promising changes and improvements in the off-season and the mediocre cycle begins again. Sounds familiar?

I would love to see a hard bought win. Unfortunately, the team has a tendency to lay eggs. I think they will fold like a cheep suit or someone steps ups and becomes the emontional leader. Time is running out, so if they are going to get their perverbaly stuff together, this would be the time. Marcel, Chamblin and Kahari need to provide the necessary game plan on the fly adjustments to win.

How about "The Montreal Massacre", or "The Quebec Ambush"....nah lets call it what it is a Team that wants to win (Montreal) against a team that could win if they feel like it. It will be no contest, even though I hope it isn't, these guys have just let us down too much to think otherwise.

Just watched Calvillo get his award, the same guy that played for us remember. Maybe we need a tutor for Porter I do not know but it would not hurt.

On the fly adjustments? We have not seen that all year. Not even at half-time. Fifteen games in though might be a good time to start.

Maybe we should bring Otis in for another pre-game inspirational talk. It seemed to work wonders the last time and the team doesn't seem to be getting much inspiration from the HC . Although how many times can you go to that well?

Sounds very familiar. I, however, am talking about the negativity of the people on the forum, not about the scenario you laid out. Try thinking positively for once. Trust me, it won't kill you.

Wallace, Otis should at every game to inspire the troupes. Obviously, no one has taken up the charge to become the emotional leader.

I am a great fan of Otis Floyd, not only a great player, but a great Tiger cat. What he did on Labour day was not only inspiring for the players but for the fans too. I also think that he enjoyed it a lot in the process.

If this team has to depend on someone outside the dressing room to fire them up enough to fight for a playoff spot, then even if they should be LUCKY enough to win it, I doubt they will go far.

These games are really about them and what they truly want. Let's honestly try to find out the truth.

Ah yes, Stade Percival Molson. The place where Tiger-Cats dreams go to die.

I too have lived and died with the Tiger Cats since the '50s. They have been a source of great frustration but they have somehow always been able to put it all together when it counted most and brought us back wanting more. I love the Tiger Cats!!! This year's team; however, does more than merely frustrate us, it teases us. They play stinko football for a couple of weeks and then rise up and play like worldbeaters and then back to crap again. I suspect that they are sitting in the weeds and will notch it up at the end of the season. It might be that they are trying not to show the other teams too much so that they have a few surprises in the playoffs. Also, this team is different from the ones we have seen in the past few years, they actually have the talent and I think that they know it.