Next game WPG

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#Ticats are on the field in Calgary for day one of practice. Staying out here this week(until Tues) ahead of #Bombers game.

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The #Ticats have flown a number of players out to Calgary for practicing this week incl OT Figueroa, DE Tracy, DBs Felder & Washington. #CFL

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#Ticats WR Luke Tasker, RBs @CJ_Gable & @Nic_Grigsby5 not in Calgary & won't play Thursday vs. #Bombers.

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BREAKING: #Ticats have signed DT @LindenGaydosh to a contract extension through the 2017 season :thup:

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The @LindenGaydosh extension gives injured player some security & allows #TIcats to lock up key Canadian. Smart for both sides.

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#Bombers add DB Julian Posey, who was among last cuts at #Ticats training camp. I’m sure it’s unrelated but the two teams play this week.

Spygate 2.0? :wink:

Any word if Murray will play this week?

Im expecting a big win this week. Just to remind the Bummers they still suck!

Should be interesting to see how the "D" deals with Willy. The Bombers were the only team to score more than 26 points last week and 460 yards of offense. But Sask put up 500 yards of offense against them.

I think the Tiger-Cats at Bombers game Friday night comes down to one question area for the Cats? Can they score TD's on offence in the Red Zone and score often?

The Cats certainly have the offensive weapons this year, yes they have been hit with injuries at Half Back with Madu out for the year, and Gable for a few more games but hey we have Grigsby, Holley and others who can get the opportunity to play and we have a good receiving core that just needs to see the ball more.

I sure hope Collaros can get the offence going in Winnipeg but this may be an opportunity to play Jeff Mathews if Collaros can't get the ball in the end zone. Obviously something is not working, yes it's only the start of the year and game two but this team has been miss firing in the red zone for some time now going back to last year (last in the CFL in red zone scoring), it's time to shake it and score.

Chris Schultz of TSN says Winnipeg will win and pull jot out in the fourth, he could be right but if the Cats can get their offence going and score a few TD's it could be the other way around.


Don’t miss it! … The game is THURSDAY nite.

If Durant playing on one leg could rack up 500 yards of offense against them then Collaras shouldn't have a problem and won't be bogged down in the Red Zone.

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#Ticats DE Justin Hickman has returned to practice & it looks like he'll play Thursday vs. #Bombers

Bummers depth chart vrs TiCats

the D held the Stumps to 13 points last week, I think we will be ok against little Willy.

Bummers suck and we will remind them of just that!

finally some good news :thup:

its been 1 game :expressionless: