Next Game: Maas or Eakin?


But if I could be serious for just a moment.
Sure, the Eskies aren't great but Maas really showed guts and character after all he's been through this year and to go into EDM with all the media scrutiny and driving the ball down their throats with the game on the line shows why the team went out and got him in the first place. And shows why we should still stick with him :thup:

:lol: :lol:

Well done my friend... Well done.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

I hope Maasfan is reading the posts tonight. :smiley:

I hope the people that wanted him tarred and feathered and run out of town are reading too...

Jason figuratively shoved that same ball down the throats

of the hometown hecklers who spread cancer behind our bench
which profoundly affected the performance of Jason and our team.


I think many of Jason's detractors here on
may now wish they followed the words in my sigfile.


Excellent point.RFTT
Concessions might want to stock up on crow for next week.

I thought this thread was nuts at first, but then I realized the title was a joke. Eakin starting over Maas, even with his dissapointing year, ROTFL!

It's always great to see a guy get a shot at redemption and make good on it.

The same could be said about Boreham; but, oh well... :roll:

Even though Jason Maas wasn't perfect last night
he is getting enormous praise for improving.

but Jamie Boreham, who's been near perfect
for many weeks now doesn't get any credit
for it because of one missed field goal.

Is that what you mean sigpig?

Ron, it was 2 missed field goals and 3 chip shots made.

As for Maas I've supported him all year, but I still have concerns over his lack of arm strength. On a hot summer day he can only throw the ball 50 yards, in cold weather he'll only be able to throw it 40 yards.

mass is a raging beast who wants nothing but to win. he is human in the end and every human has some not so spectacular performances at whatever they do from time to time.

he is our answer to winning. its just taken him longer to do well than expected but a big part of that is paopao's fault.

It's a cliche but "pressure doesnt build character it reveals it".We all saw what Maas was made of.
You dont hink he wants to win? In the EDM SUN (a paper with reporters that actually get meaningful quotes)Maas said after the game:

"Tommorrow I'm going hunting. If I kill an elk it will be the best weekend of my life"

Its obvious that it has taken awhile to get the Kollege Koach attitude away from this team... getting rid of Paopao helped and by going back to square 1 (we saw how ugly it would be) we essentially went back to week 1. If week 1 was Labour Day this team is progressing nicely, the way it would have had the proper coaches be in place from the beginning.

HUH ? college coach ? I think if Marshall had done a better job selecting his OC he`d still be coaching .

Call it whatever you want... perhaps the upgrade in talent that should have happened before this season only to see the players cut in camp.

Well why the reference to Marshall then ? Wasnt his fault .

that run maas had where he knocked a guy down showed what he is made of. pure heart. he brings so much emotion to the game and it really shines when he is playing well.

everyone needs to remember that he has been playing hurt on top of being given a horrible playbook from the start. now he gets to call his own plays.. he has a coach that truly believes in him and most important of all his players now seem to be rallying around him.



If my aunt had wheels she'd be a bus.

When coaching vacancies come up this off-season do you seriously think Marshall's name will ever come up, will it come up ever again?

The team now is slowly starting to resemble the team that should have been in place at least a year ago.