Next game Cats vs Bombers

Next up for Cats is the Bombers.Instead of Cats showing up they should just mail in the 2 points and stay home.I feel sorry for the Cats fans ,paying those $$$$ to see their team perform that way on the field.Hopefully when the season ends the Cats will smarten up and make some serious changes to the management, coaching and players.If they dont they,ll be basement dwellers until they do.

Restructure the management team and hire Danny McMannis as the GM. He’d be fabulous for us while hurting the Bombers. Let him do the talent evaluation from an outsiders perspective. This should be done the very next day after the Grey Cup.


can't wait to see the classic Coach O Deer in the Headlights look we have all come to expect.

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I'd be totally in favour of McManus as GM.

Just not sure he'd be prepared to relocate to southern Ontario.

McManus/Walters get a lot of credit there in Wpg but I think Ted Goveia does a lot of the scouting and player personnel evaluation for the Bombers as well. Surprised no one has hired him away yet, I think that would be a big loss from their end.

Not mentioned frequently is the effect of losing Jim Barker. He was here in 2019/2020 and probably had a role in bringing in guys like Acklin, Dunbar, White, Desmond Lawrence etc. Certainly seems to have brought some new blood into the Argos especially on defence.


Whoa, whoa... hands off Danny McMannis you talent starved Cats fan. He's the guy who found all the guys who beat your guys. Sheesh.

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Hoping for nice sunny autumn weather next Saturday for an entertaining CFL game watching the Grey Cup rematch ,yes we are up against the wall ( red neck mothers) until the old Dane Evans returns to play as well as Zorro (Zac)…… It’s good entertainment win or lose , we get to release our emotions yelling ,even cheering for our teams, looking forward to it and seeing Dane come out and thread some needles , see our team play as three units instead of individuals ,maybe use the Bombers team as mentors to follow , a team ,…not an individual bunch of players , even though I did mention Dane , hard to be a team without a QB playing at a high level…..

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The team's practice schedule, indicates that the TiCats should be back at the stadium, on Monday, after their time away. It'll be interesting to see if there are any new faces in the dressing room.


While I respect your optimism, the ticats games this year have not been entertaining, especially in the second half. It is depressing to sit there at half-time knowing that no matter their lead they are destined to lose.

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For sure it is, this is where a QB playing at a high level wins those games and wins the fans over and their teammates all play better as a result ,the D is on the field less etc , here’s hoping , I love the game win or lose …


If our D doesn’t play 4 quarters against Collaros, and pressure him/create some turnovers, we have no chance against Winnipeg.

It's not that unemployed DT from the Riders is it ?

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The one sporting a tattoo on his tush for every QB he's maimed this year? No, not him. My source for this Breaking News lies amongst the disgruntled support staff that prowls the sideline. It COULD be the angry water boy who resents getting paid less than the head cheerleader Or it COULD be the barely sane foot massage lady whose ability to smell anything but foot odor has driven her to commit acts of random violence against the club mascot.

You'll never know because I can keep a secret (unless someone gives me ten bucks or something that I can trade in for a large coffee and doughnut).


Thanks for the laughs Maaax . You are a breath of sunshine . * pop culture reference

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Cats sign Godwin WR . 5' 11"

184 lbs



9 3/8"

Prospect Grade


Candidate for bottom of roster or practice squad

53Below Avg

View All Prospects

2019 Draft Results

Drafted by



Carolina Panthers

Round 7 ‧ Pick 23

Read More

40 Yard Dash


Bench Press


Vertical Jump


Broad Jump


3 Cone Drill


20 Yd Shuttle


60 Yd Shuttle


Godwin was drafted in the 33rd round of the 2016 Major League Baseball amateur draft but decided to continue his time with the Bulldogs instead of chasing baseball. He had been named the team's Co-Newcomer of the Year after the 2015 season (nine starts in 13 games; 35-379-10.8, two TD receiving; 4-58-14.5 punt returns). Godwin was also the Bowl Most Valuable Player with four receptions for 34 yards and a score as a receiver and a 44-yard touchdown pass. He started just 4 of 13 games as a sophomore but was still productive (38-397-10.4). He was a starter as a junior (14 of 15 games played), grabbing 38 passes for 639 yards (16.8 average) and scoring six times, including a big-game effort in the SEC Championship Game against Auburn (5-48-1). Godwin's senior season was derailed by various leg injuries early on, but he came back to start 9 of 13 games played (23-385-16.7, three TD).

By Lance Zierlein

NFL Analyst

Draft Projection

Round 7

NFL Comparison

Corey Brown


Tall, thin slot receiver with soft hands, good field awareness and fluid routes. The word "natural" is accurate in describing Godwin's game, but short arms and lack of play strength are hurdles he will have to clear. If he can improve his press-release, he has a chance to become more than a backup with inside or outside value.


  • Adjusts routes to avoid congestion and stay on time
  • Crisp, sharp routes with little wasted movement
  • Routes feature forward lean and consistent play speed
  • Able to tilt defender at the break point
  • Staccato settle-steps for quick in-and-out from his breaks
  • Fluid, soft hands when catching on the move
  • Plucks it with proper extension and decent radius
  • Quick gear-down to catch and dot feet near sideline
  • Was able to eat against Shrine Game cornerbacks. Adequate wiggle and speed after catch


  • Slender frame with skinny legs and short arms
  • Play strength is a concern
  • Struggled to get off press against Vandy's Joejuan Williams
  • Lacks physicality at the top of his routes
  • Average burst out of breaks
  • Has tendency to drift out of turns and stems
  • Small frame and lack of length show up on contested catches
  • Needs to be more aggressive in work-backs to throws

I'm still waiting for a future QB signing . Our old neg list featured QBs like Gardner Minshew (Eagles backup QB) and Easton Stick (#3 QB with Chargers). We're not seeing these guys . Sam Howell is #3 QB for the Washingtons and a former North Carolia QB . We probably won't see him either .
Sadly for us , Minshew would be perfect for the CFL and the Cats . Does anybody have any thoughts ?


Me thinks you really like doughnuts…. How about a box of Timmie’s double chocolates for letting us win?


So, bye week, coinciding with the availability of hundreds of NFL training camp final cuts, and the TiCats bring in just one new player.
To me, that says one of two things -- Orlondo is basically happy with the players he has, or he's thrown in the '22 towel.

Newcomer Godwin has 3 NFL catches, from 6 targets, in 3 games he played with Jacksonville in 2020.

I wonder if vaccinations are an issue in recruiting . I think we'll see a few more signings this week .


Ive thought that as well re: Barker. We're missing that veteran presence in the organization.

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