Next Four Weeks

We will see just how good we really are or are not in the next four weeks. I can sincerely see the scenario where we are 8-6 but also 6-8. At 6-8 can we be caught for second place? There is no way at 8-6. Of course I would be happy to be wrong and after four weeks be 9-5 perhaps tied with Montreal but that would be if everything went our way. What do you think?

I'd say 3 more wins to come,for an 8-10 record. Not great, but better than what we've been used to!

I'll show some optimism and say we are 7-7 after the next 4 games worst case 6-8
Calgary in Hamilton win
Montreal in Hamilton loss
Hamilton in Calgary loss
Winnipeg in Hamilton win

Toronto can win 2 out of 4 record 5-9 best case 6-8
Winnipeg toast losers of all 4 record 3-11 best case 4-10

Nope we aren't going to be in after 4 weeks
I'm looking for 9-9 but suspect it'll be 8-10

To the end of the season...

I have to go along with you on this one. Maybe 9 and 9.I think we can beat Toronto in their house (we should have last time) :roll: ,and win both Winnipeg games. But playing Calgary and Montreal twice and home to Sask. will be the hardest and we certainly won't be favoured.

One win of those 5 games and I'd be pleased. Play-offs...anything can happen :wink:

I called for 9 & 9 in June, I still think we will do it. Doesn't matter about the record though, it's about getting a playoff spot! :thup:

We have left too many points on the field lately and thus should have at least a couple more victories than at present. Alas, the wearies of a young team. Hopefully the rest of the East is inept enough for us to earn a home playoff game and then who knows what may happen. Next year, if the core of this team remains in tact, expectations will be considerably higher.

I think (hope?) this is just about right.

9-9 would be great, but 8-10 would be OK and put us in the playoffs in second place.

That's my call too. For the remainder of the season, it includes very tough tests for the teams chasing the Tabbies. Winnipeg has Montreal three times (two in Montreal) and us twice (once at IWS). Not a lot of wiggle room if the Cats live up to their end of that bargain. Toronto has Montreal twice at home, Edmonton twice, and Saskatchewan on the road, not to mention one more with the cats. Those games will be very tough. Our schedule is no picnic either, but the four-point bulge now held is vital.

Oski Wee Wee,


I was hoping for 10 wins but Think 8 will get us a Playoff Spot ..

I agree.