Next Five Games

Ok, the next five games are big ones. This is the big test as to how we stack up against the rest of the division. Remember, five of our eight wins right now are against the East and well, how hard is that? Four of these upcoming games are against BC and Calgary, the other is against Calvillo in Montreal. How will we do? A month ago with our injuries, most hoped for a split with Calgary. Would we be happy with that still or should we expect more?

The big test is Montreal B.C. back to back does not worry me 8 games left if the riders win just 4 of the remaining 8 they are still in good shape. And the way Calgary is playing you never know what team is going to show up.

I predicted it before, and I'll repeat it here. This year, the riders will win as many games as they play in sold out stadiums.

Preseason: 1 sellout, 1-1
Regular season: 7 sellouts, 8-2
Post season: 2 sellouts, 2 wins :slight_smile:

Grey cup champs!!! (Unless we end up playing the west final in Edmonton, then we're screwed)

Beat BC 2x, split with Calgary, beat Montreal.

I think that, Saskatchewan at full power, with all their receivers back can easily defeat the Eskimos!

Riders could have won that game against the esks they were still in the game for quite sometime, but lousy Crandell could not move the ball or complete a pass defence ended up being on the field most of the game, Esks don't worry me,, you will see