Next Edmonton GM - - Jimbo Barker? Brendan Taman? Rusty Tillman?

Under ZERO circumstances should Edmonton bring back the comically overrated Ego Jones. Aside from wanting to be the President, HC and DC, Ego Jones would likely demand to also be named the Mayor of Edmonton and the Premier of Alberta.

If anyone needs further confirmation, just look at what a total failure he was in Regina - - and then quit on that franchise.

Edmonton desperately needs a GM with a proven track record of CFL success.

Barker, Taman and Tillman are all proven champions and have demonstrated they understand how to build a Grey Cup winning team.

If there’s a cap crunch in Edmonton, Barker could easily step in as the HC and OC for one season in addition to handling the GM role.

That likely gives Barker the edge over everyone else.

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