Next cuts?When?Who?

Don't want to mislead anyone in my subject line. So I figure the next round of cuts/releases/retirements will take place on Saturday. Who is next? What is the actual number a CFL team can have on the roster for the season?

Based on what I've read on this website, Hamilton will have to cut upwards of 25 or so players, and put about six more on the practice roster. You have to think there will be some familiar names on that giant cut list.

On June 2, I started a thread entitled "Cuts coming soon....Live with it!" I mentioned that some of the cuts would involve players who may be your favourites.

Was I psychic? Of course not. But it was inevitable that somebody's favourites were going to go. Now that Mike and Hitch have been tagged, maybe I should have said 'everybody's favourites'

But look, it's the way thing work. Everybody moves on. New guys come in. I've mentioned before that I was there when the Wildcats and Tigers were merged into one team. One whole team of players we knew simply disappeared.
At the same time new guys came in, Sazio, Barrow, Mazza, Scott...

This has been a difficult couple of days for many. But I know that everybody realizes it had to be done if we were to keep the promising newcomers who will be our future. Keep the faith. Tough, but good, decisions are being made.

I have no idea who will go next. I do know that the ones who are left will carry the load. And leaders will emerge. These aren't kids. I'm sure many of the guys left have been leaders on other teams, and now will be on ours.