Next City for a CFL Team?

Since Halifax has been talked about since 1985, after Halifax joins the league soon, I honestly think CFL 2.0 will take off. Mexico City, as there is already interest there for an expansion team and a stadium in place.

I can think of nine better candidates immediately:

Québec City
St. John’s


I’m really skeptical of the feasibility of Mexico City. It’s far removed and the people in Mexico aren’t exactly Canadian wannabees. Maybe Texan or Californian wannabees, but definitely not Canadian.


Austria…isnt that what Ambrosie wants? Lol. Seriously, they league cant sustain another team as most teams are just scraping by financially and few could absorb the financial loss of sharing tv revenue with another team.

I think the TV revenue would increase accordingly, so that wouldn’t be an issue.

And the teams who actually publish their finances are all on solid footing.

If one reason for falling interest in the league is its lack of variety, then adding another team should help all the other teams sell more tickets.

I’m pretty skeptical about Mexico City too. But let’s see what happens if/when the league ever actually stages a game there. Maybe it’ll prove my skepticism is misplaced.

I dunno. I know some Mexican-Canadians, and there are quest worker programs specifically for Mexicans. I think there is more interest in Canada there that you realize.

Many go to Texas or California for obvious geographical reasons. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to live in one of the highest rated countries on earth.

Before you’d see teams in any other country, they’d have to be playing 3 down ball first. That’s a part of the 2.0 plan. So all expansion for the foreseeable future is here in Canada.

Phase 1 : 5 - 10 years after Halifax


Phase 2 : 5 - 10 years after the above

London, ON

Last Phase 3 : 5 - 10 years after the above


You’ll see teams play in temp stadia like Tempire (which could last 10 years) initially giving time to grow and get a permanent home in place.

The league max’s out at 16, unless millions flock to Brandon, MB so we could them and Windsor but unlikely.

Second team in Saskatchewan?!:stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a second team in Toronto. And Most people won’t even know that there is 1 team already here.

Yes, there was an ownership group that popped up a few years back. At that time they were told to stand down as the Riders we’re working on the new stadium plan if I remember correctly.

I’d like to see the Argos move to another nearby location, with a football-specific stadium that’s a nice as those found in Regina and Winnipeg. Then I’d like to see a second team in another nearby city in the opposite direction, with its own stadium.

I hope you’re kidding…lol

The Argos can move to Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke. I think the stands hold about 2,000 people. They might even be able to sellout the stadium.

Living in the Maritimes I wish for Halifax to get the next franchise of course. But I honestly will be surprised if it happens as nobody wants to be on the hook for building a stadium. Beyond Halifax I’d hope Quebec City would be next. Again I’d expect the same issue when it comes to a stadium.

To be realistic the league needs to look south of the border again if there is going to be expansion anytime soon. The reason is simple. Stadiums are not an issue there. Of course you would need to choose a stadium that fits the Canadian field and the right locations.
The ratio is an issue but let them have all American players. Beyond Baltimore last time around the rest of the teams were average or worse. If a solution could be found to deal with the ratio then great.

Expansion from a position of strength this time around as opposed to needing a quick cash infusion from whatever owner you can find like last time to keep the league afloat would mean it could be done right this time.

Just my opinion but as long as someone’s asking I’ll give it to you.

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Phase 1: Find new owners for Montreal

Phase 2: Find new owners for BC

Phase 3: Good luck finding owners without a priority for profitability, for further expansion in Canada.

There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of PEI having a CFL team.
However, Charlottetown has had a team in the QMJHL for quite a while (Charlottetown Islanders formerly Montreal Rocket).

I’d like to see teams in Mississauga, KW, and Oshawa. Maybe fans of those teams would travel to BMO to watch their team play the Argos.

Think about the most successful university programs with the largest stadiums and then London and Quebec City come clearly into focus.

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I think that is the key for the CFL . Grow Canadian teams .

If the CFL is serious about their study on regional rivalries in selling a pro sport .

Less is more and go with modest 18 to 20 k stadiums and get the region thinking CFL on a different scale and grow this thing finally .

Halifax , QC , KW , Mississauga and London at 18 to 20 k for 9 is probably a easier number to achieve than 27 k in Toronto today .

There is a sweet spot that is just a bit less today that makes this league expandable and a stronger rights deal worth more with more live programming .

Figure out the quota later .

Tv revenue increases if the number of viewers does. So you think theres any material increase in viewers if say Quebec city got a team. Likely not.

And, the tv contract is currently locked in for a number of years so nothing changes til that expires.

Some teams may be on solid footing but do you think montreal bc tor could absorb a $2M hit to their bottom line from sharing tv revenue with another team? Until all teams are solid financially, expansion has the real possibility of crippling the league.