Next City for a CFL Team?

I was curious to know everyone’s thoughts in regards to the next city. My thoughts were P.E.I because 1 Team would be good. The population is over a 100,000 so they wouldn’t need a giant stadium, 20,000 or a little more would be good. They would have an obvious rival in the schooners.
Whats everyone else’s thoughts?

Those are provinces, not cities.

Let’s just deal with Halifax and not get ahead of ourselves.

Do we really wanna arguesemantics? and why not? It’s always fun to play around and bounce around ideas.

Wherever there is a suitable stadium and a suitable ownership group.

I would think that PEI’s population would be too small to support a team. At 100,000, they’d need around 25% of the population to come out for games 9-10 times a year. Not even Regina/Saskatchewan reaches that level.

But I agree with GHT120 in not getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s first see if Halifax even happens, and if it does, let’s see how well the new team and the rest of the league does for a good 5-10 years before targeting another market to woo.

OK, but to play along then, I’ll say Quebec and/or BC.

Well to argue that point, the population of Saskatchewan is probably 10 times the population of P.E.I. and if you put a stadium at the center of P.E.I. and get the fans like Riders. They will do fine.

Plus, we could get 4-5 teams in the Atlantic area. Then we could have 3 divisons. West, East and Atlantic.

Halifax, hopefully…Quebec city would set up a rivalry for the Als. I don’ t see any other market large enough.

I voted Ontario. People talk about London a lot, but I actually wonder if KW isn’t more likely these days. Seems to be a city getting things done. And possibly a good chance at partnering with both universities.

I like this idea and I think they should take the old name from the NHL Team, Quebec Nordiques.

Detroit Rock City.

After that Tijuana Mexico, Whitehorse, and Vienna, Austria

My vote is for “Other”, since you didn’t provide a “None of the Above” option.

Finally we’ll have a league with five western teams, and five eastern teams. We could potentially have five games a week (with occasional bye weeks with, say, three games.) Truly even divisions. Maybe they would eventually even do away with the crossover, with just the top 3 teams in each division making the playoffs.

Adding another team would just throw everything off again.

It’s been the same nine cities since the 40s. The next city will be the reincarnation of whichever one goes under next.

But don’t you think that it will happen. It will be a while till this happens but in the past 5 years talks about 2 different teams have come up with one of the teams actually getting a stadium and a grey cup win, Ottawa Redblacks. The Atlantic Schooners will make everything even but 11 teams will come.

A lot of frequent flyer miles for these ones.

London ontario

I totally agree…and you don’t need a 30,000 even 25,000 seat stadium…
Just a max 20,000 with potential to put Xtra seats in for playoffs or greycup

If a PEI team were to draw the same percentage of fans from the province as Saskatchewan does (roughly 2-3%), they’d average fewer than 5,000 a game. The Argos may be able to survive with those numbers because they’re in the largest TV market, but I don’t think a PEI team could pull it off.

I’d be ecstatic with one team in the Atlantic region. And if Halifax becomes a booming success and spawns a rival in, say, Moncton, I’d feel like the league won the lottery. But I don’t see the region being able to support more than two teams in my lifetime.

Assuming Halifax is off an running, then based on population alone I would look at Quebec City.

Of course having a stadium that a CFL team can be the main tenant would be the main hurdle. If that happens, I don’t think it would difficult to get ownership.

But agreed on what others say, let’s get Halifax going first.

Agreed. Football has grown popularity and participation wise exponentially in the past 15 years in PQ, so QC is the logical choice.

They should put a team NOWHERE if Halifax gets a team unless they can add TWO cities at the same time. Adding one team will only encourage further tiresome complaining by the fans who are disenchanted with the leagues present unbalanced divisional setup.

And, don’t waste time trying to locate in PEI. A population of 100,000 couldn’t support a professional league at todays costs. It would be a stretch to suggest PEI could even support a QMJHL junior A hockey club.

Once Halifax is firmly in place, I would look at Quebec City and Kelowna.