Next Chapter: Doman Era

Great video - set to music


Excellent video. I was trying to embed this earlier from Facebook and Lions website, but couldn't. I guess Youtube is the way to go!


That was the band Doman brought in

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Doman cares about his ownership and it shows .

Great to see that in the CFL .

Now we know why the NFL was successful by not allowing corporate ownership .

The corporate ownership in the CFL is cold .

Someone has to care and be engaged .


Well if things keep going OK for the Lions maybe some other teams will take a page from Doman’s notebook.


The Lions put up an excellent photo album from the home opener on their site.

Here are a few samples. I wish all CFL teams could create this kind of buzz for their home openers.


Good looking crowd.

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164 photos! No half measures here. Be sure to use the full screen option. Thanks Dave.


Amar Doman is doing everything he can

Pre game band and $5 Beers and Margaritas! :+1:

also a 8 game season ticket package for $149 thats $18. 63/gm!!! ... Q5OTc3MQS2

There is an additional link for 25 percent off individual game tickets for a limited time ... Q5OTc3MQS2

Creating a festival atmosphere before each game sounds like a great idea to me. It looked like a lot of fun for the home opener. I'm really hoping they can crack the 20,000 mark for game 2.

$150 is a good deal for 8 games. Can't imagine there won't be takers.

I'm not one that cares for the bands as much as the football but there are many others who may feel differently. Grey Cup half time show is just a cash grab that takes away from the game and another revenue source that the players are excluded from.


Lions hire Duane Vienneau as new president and COO

BC Lions Duane Vienneau COO President CFL -

Currently the Chief Grey Cup and Events Officer for the league. Appointment will be effective August 2 replacing Rick Lelacheur who will retire after bridging the Lions from the Braley to Doman era via the estate


They might hit the 20,000 mark but not much more. I think the crowd could be larger except they had the bye week following the huge home opener so the hype kinda died down plus I also think if this weeks game was against a western team that would have helped with ticket sales.