Next Chapter: Doman Era

Wanted to recognize the new owner and start a thread with a less negative heading.

Glad that it was a local that stepped up and wish him well in getting the franchise back to the successes of earlier days.

Lots of talk about Michael Reilly with the latest being a cut in pay for 2022 to the $300,000 area or possibly retiring. Given the recent permissions granted to three of the main guys in the office it appears a thorough review is taking place.

Won't surprise me if they have news soon.


A bit skeptical of the decision to keep the coaching staff together and hope that the same people do a better job next year but at the same time it appears the football ops are set and now we get to see what they can do.

They might have to work Western Forest Products into Reilly's package in order to drop the sms number. If they did it would not be setting a precedent.

One thing about the contract Sukh Chungh signed in 2019 is that the Bombers knew he was going to sign in BC and bid him up just to make BC pay.

Without the weight of the big contract BC fans might like him more. I hope he has a healthy year.

Dom Rhymes re-upped on a two year deal lacks imagination after the 400 yds last year. Might have thought Michael Reilly would liked to have had Derel Walker brought in.

Will still be very surprised if they pass on Bryan Burnham and everything I read says Lucky is the priority so not sure what that does for Lemar Durant, Jevon Cottoy, or Shaq Johnson. Durant appears to still be under contract.

I don't think the Leos have much interest in Walker. Rhymes was ineffective early, then got injured, then came on like gangbusters in the final few weeks of the season, so I welcome him back.

Their priorities are: Whitehead, Cottoy, and Burnham (in that order). Cottoy has tremendous upside as a National with all the tools. I would be happy to have Durant back but not at $175K. Maybe half that or something performance based as he is often injured.

Just noticed that Molly Campbell has been employed in the CFL for what looks like the past 15 years or so. First in Edmonton, now in Calgary.

Funny that brother Rick has never bothered to work with her despite her experience Seems like a perfect fit to support him as Co GM.

Why use the term..."bothered" to work with her.
Do you think they should work together just because they are Siblings?

Did you know she was working in the league?


I did not. Seems like an excellent candidate for a GM role to be honest. Not sure why Rick is such a genius and she can only be a secretary.