Next Canadian CFL Star?

Who will be the next National star in the CFL?

give us a hint :slight_smile:

andrew harris [rb for winnipeg] certainly made his voice heard

Hard to argue that one.

Andrew Harris, Brad Sinopoli and Lewis Ward don’t qualify as the “next” stars. They’re current stars.

Maybe Sean Thomas-Erlington of the Tiger-Cats therefore?


I like those too! Sinopoli has been a No-Show this year, but Harris certainly hasn’t.

Lewis Ward? I still want to be his campaign manager.

“Lewis Ward for Prime Minister!”

And you’re right…they’re definitely already CFL stars!

And an unlikely one at that, given his diminutive stature and relatively normal body type. You’d expect a 5’7" kicker (especially one as good as Ward) to have legs a thick as telephone poles (see Dave Cutler for reference), but from what I can tell, he doesn’t. What an amazing, surprising player.


The build for a Cutler-style kicker was very different than that of modern kickers … flexibility was not a requirement for straight-on, square-toed-shoe kickers … it is important for modern kickers in order to generate the force needed to kick

Did Lewis Ward also punt at the University of Ottawa or in high school even?


Vernon Adams Jr.

NOT a Canadian you say!! That’s a pity.


Michael O’ Conner. QB!

This Harris guy in Winnipeg aint a bad player,

I wouldn’t call Andrew Harris a future star though…


Good call or a today star!!

Who are the top USports prospects?

Trey Kellogg(WR) UBC
Tyler Ternowski(WR) Waterloo
Nathan Carter(RB) Acadia
Kayden Johnson(RB)York
Adam Sinagra(QB)Calgary


Nathan Rourke (QB)Ohio
Chuba Hubbard (RB) Oklahoma State
Jacoby Brissett(WR)Illinois
Brendan Leary-Orange(WR) Nevada - He is former Argo Doyle Orange's son.
Mason Bennett(DE) North Dakota

A cat named DuBois, number 89, in Ottawa. About six foot five and an inside receiver.