With the season we are having an the emergence of Adams Jr, I do think that the best candidate will be interested by the job so they will have the choice !

I wonder if Marcel Desjardins would be interested. The Wheels with ownership in Ottawa have fallen off, it is clear he’s not working with a full budget over there.

That’s exactly the guy I had in mind when I wrote this post

Well, thanks to Khari Jones, Vernon Adams, and the rest of the team, yes, we’re not quite such a sad-sack situation for a prospective GM. But it all depends on the new owners. Doesn’t matter what’s on the field if the people writing the checks hire an idiot to be the next GM. I’d take Desjardins over Maciocia any day but we’ll have to see how things shake out.

Montreal fans must have some lingering gratitude for Kavis Reed? The man may have had faults, but he left behind a very good core of players, and crafted a good team. No intent to ‘troll’ here, just as an outsider, I am impressed by the Als resurgence, and Reed’s part in laying the groundwork.

There is some Truth in what you said but it took getting rid of him to benefit from it and after all the faw-paws he made,the past few seasons under his reign were terribly hard for us to Watch and continue to support the team by being there every game.

Glad that I stuck it out and it’s been forever since I’ve had some much fun at a football game.

I’ve been saying for a while that Kavis deserves credit for assembling a good core of players. The man wasn’t all bad. But he was his own worst enemy. Yes, this core is his, but would we be 7-5 if we’d kept Manziel, which he wanted to do (the league forced him to release Manziel)? He gutted our draft and O-line in a series of bad trades that made it impossible for the core he’d assembled to succeed. The Sherman hire. And worst of all, he was untrustworthy in what he promised. You couldn’t trust him because he’d say anything to make himself look better. If he’d been more of a straight shooter and had been capable of staying out of his own way, things could have been very different for him.

I am very happy that Manziel, Reed and Sherman are gone.

Correct me if I am wrong, Reed was pushing for Pipkin and Adams on the bubble during training camp.
And it was Jones who was in Adams corner.

Yeah its hard to say. VA bounced around everywhere, including twice in Montreal. He was even being looked at as a receiver. His story shows how whimsical success can be. Same with Fajardo. What is shocking to me is how his abilities were down played by so many. Perhaps it was because of his poor practice play. Certainly I hope that has had an uptick. Poor practice play can really hinder the development of others.

Hopefully his play will make teams not be so focused on physical size and style. You can see QBs in the NFL emerge lately with similar skill sets recently too.

Lets just be happy he snuck thru the schmozzle to be doing this in Montreal. He is a breath of fresh air for Als and CFL.

Kavis was a tumor, so were Manziel and Sherman. Once these people were removed the cancer was gone… It is what it is.

This team isn’t done dealing with the fallout, there are still at least a couple of seasons where this team won’t draft till teams have had one or two turns at the talent. Mathieu Betts is in Edmonton because of Kavis Reed’s decision.

You could go as far as this team may still have an owner had Kavis not fielded a hopeless team on the field for last two seasons.

I have more sympathy for Wetenhall (the father) who lost his football team and is looking at the fans coming back and the team creating a new fan base without an Owner or a GM.

What worries me is the new owner &/or GM coming in and disrupting the chemistry of this team. I think Khari and his staff deserve to stay…hopefully the new guys see it the sameway.

Maciocia might clean house if he gets in…could be ugly.

Just when I was thinking how nice it was to have no johnny football or fire the coach or the Als will fold before 2020 or our receivers can’t catch a ball talk you chime in with this.I am sure you do not want him as much as I but if he comes in and cleans house that may just be the end of it all.

I know…not something that you want to think about, but the time will come. Just hope they don’t forget to take their stupid pills.

Any GM will keep Jones with what he is doing this year with the team and Adams

If only to “keep a bullet in the chamber” as GMs only get to fire/hire so many Has … keeping Khari will mean the GM can take credit if KJ succeeds but tell owners his preference was not Jones but he had no choice but to keep him

What I wanted to say is more that a good GM would let Jones HC at least next season. I know that Maciocia coached Jones before but I don’t know if they have a good relationship.

Khari deserves to stay but

  • Donovan’s KR are last in the CFL and PR are barely 4th overall … the coverage units are similarly placed … the Als are losing field position battle most games
  • Slowik’s defence seems to dig themselves holes but are clutch near the end … halftime adjustments would seem to be excellent but the initial game plan seems lacking … BUT, it is his first CFL: season … so I could go either way
  • things seemed to pick up when LBJ came onboard … but in a coaching cap scenario can two of them be OL related?

Most importantly … Khari needs to have as free a hand as possible to pick his own staff … might have many of the same faces but suspect a couple of tweaks are needed.

One guy that I would keep an eye on if Maciocia is hired and he don’t keep Jones is Rick Campbell. He was is defensive coordinator in Edmonton

Je suis d’accord. Les plans de match de Slowick marchent rarement, mais il est capable de faire les ajustements nécessaires à la mi-temps. N’accorder que trois points aux Bombers pendant deux quarts est impressionnant. Nous pouvons être frustré de la mollesse de sa défense quant à la pression sur le quart adverse, mais Slowick a probablement mis plus d’effort en moins de temps que la majorité des coach des États-Unis pour s’adapter à la LCF. Je lui donnerais le bénéfice du doute et le garderais pour 2020. Quant à Donovan, je crois que lui-même sait qu’il est dans l’eau chaude.

Ceci étant, c’est conditionnel au prochain propriétaire, et de facto au prochain président et au prochain DG. Il risque d’y avoir un changement de personnel important parmi l’équipe d’entraîneurs, et ce même si le bilan pour les Alouettes est pour l’instant positif.