Next 6 Games will Tell the Tail of 2007 Season

Next 6 Games will Tell the Tail of 2007 Season

Here are next 6 games as Follow Home Games in Caps.

3 MONTREAL Could win Montreal is Struggling right now
4 @BC we Don't have a Chance to win this one.
5 @Winnipeg Could win
6 WINNIPEG Could Win
7 EDMONTON Could Win
8@ MONTREAL Could win

So if we go 5-3 where back in it...
if Lose to BC & Winnipeg beat Montreal and Edmonton
Then we are 3-5

The Next 6 Games will be the season.

It's hard to win against anybody without TDs.

An Argo-Cat fan

Careful Onknight or you could be banned from practice.

I never been afraid of that .
I Rather Speak My Mind..
Even if it Becomes unpopular

I still believe This season is a winnable Season
We are making Progress
The Steps are tiny and Painful Ones.
But it is Progress non the less.

The Defence is better and Special teams are good. Now we just need an offence.
Charlie is doing a Fine job..
Everyone knows Offence are harder to install with new Personal..

But it is Progress non the less.
Onknight, I'm known far and wide as the epitome of a 'cheerleader' but even I have to admit that we have shown [u]no[/u] progress thus far whatsoever (save for a very few areas such as punting).....can we improve under the current conditions and roster?....I sure hope so but let's call things as they are right's a mess......and huge!

Every team in professional sports goes through this crap and we are no different. I've seen really bad team slumps in my years as a fan since 1970 (approx.) and incredibly great times too.....hopefully we will improve soon and have a shot at a playoff spot by season's end, but man, there is a lot of tough work ahead.....and maybe some tough decisions along the way for team management....

....still a Ticats fan forever though! (that will never change) :cowboy:

.....let's just scrape out a win against the Als, celebrate the victory and go from there!

I think it's too soon to say what kind of job Taafe is doing. It is certainly a different team but the results are still the same and only time will tell if he's doing a good job of coaching.

An Argo-Cat fan

Next 6 games?

I say if they lose this one against Montreal, it is over for the season.


Yes because 0 - 3 is too big of a hole to climb out of in an 18 game regular season in a weak Eastern division.


I wouldn't be surprised if a team made the playoffs at 8 - 10 or 7 - 11. It is the CFL, stranger things have happened!

  • paul

Crossover will likely take care of a 7-11 or even 8-10 team this year.

I think onknight might lean to the overly optimistic side because of the access he has with the team. He's afraid that any negative comments may hurt his chances of scoring an interview for his blog. the bottom line is that the team is a mess. i dont think we are making any big prediction to say the next 6 games will tell the tale of the season.....geeez we will be at the halfway point by then. If we dont win or show dramatic improvement in the next two games you can kiss the playoffs good bye. thats just a prediction i will continue to hope and pray for a miracle.

I don't think Edmonton is going to get any more then 8 wins this year, so I don't think the crossover will come in to effect. Not with them having to play B.C., Calgary, and Saskatchewan numerous times.

  • paul

Elliotte Friedman says stick with Maas. I don't know.

"Piece of advice for Charlie Taaffe, Marcel Desjardins and Bob Young: Don't do it." ...

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It's not over, till the fat lady sings. Now, it may come as a surprise, but 'the object in your mirror is closer than it seems'.
Though we looked like we were blown out these 2 games, it is more a case of 'we' lost it, as opposed to 'they' won it.
Q1. How many penalties killed drives?
Q2. How mmany balls were dropped that stalled drives?
Q3. How mant times did the QB have to run for his life, because of lack of protection?

Yes, it will be a long season, but if we can fix these things, we will start winning.
The only factor I worry is: 'what happens when the injuries start'?
That is why it is always better to win the first few games, to allow for a cushion, should the injuries begin to pile up.

But I will say this: I am optomistic, but not a dreamer. I still worry about this team, if the coach says he has yet to 'decide' on a starting QB.
... ouch...

The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup: