next 4

now that you've seen timmy sputter just like jason
are you ready to back off of jason and realize that it may not be all the qbs fault all the time? timmy did not do any better and none of the 3 qbs will succeed until the receivers decide to do their part.
there is not one guy in that receiving corps that will be able to "show the way" for the others-no deep threat, hardly any experience as charlie apparently admitted. where the hell is thyron anderson? at least he brings experience and a big body. back to the offense.this is starting to look alot like that dry spell from
last season isn't it? they need to simplify things big time cause there's a difference between growing pains and being competitive. if we don't get the W
next week against mtl... @b.c.,vs wpg, @edm where does the first W come from? the fans will not only need a forum to vent on but a helpline and a psychiatrist's couch would come in handy too.

good luck getting that first W, here's hoping u get it before labour day.


start chang, move jason to edmonton, re-sign rocky, sign bernard williams to play left tackle, sign carl coulter to be an o-line coach.

you are is not always the QBs fault...this o-line we have is very suspect. constant pressure all game. the only thing i saw chang do differently than maas for the better was he was able to move out of the pocket when he was getting rushed...maas just sat in the pocket all day and was collapsed on every do u expect our QBs to make good throws all the time when they haave both teams closing in on them? I usually bash Maas but not was clear to me that this O-line was to blame tonight and I also think that he was pulled too early. what was it the very first play of the game on offense and I believe it was the center who snapped the ball and didnt even touch the guy he was blocking...he just went right through the line and sacked Maas...young inexperienced O-line who havent played together that long...i sure hope they can get it together soon

Overall this year

Maas is 21/34 for 210 yards with 1 int 0 TD's
Chang is 12/23 for 167 yards with 2 ints and 0 TD's

And you STILL think the VET is the way to go.... at least Chang will LEARN from his mistakes, Maas has been making the same mistakes for 18 games now

Let’s not forget that Chang got us near the endzone and the number of first downs he threw in comparison to Maas.

Maas drove for EXACTLY 3 1st downs.. Chang had MORE than that in ONE drive... 5 to be exact

maas was a very sad 4-11 and 1 pick...that is not what hes getting paid $400,000 a year for.

cut him now, and use that money somewhere else.