Next 3 weeks will tell the story

The next 3 weeks [3 games] should pretty much tell us where the Lions are heading for the rest of the season. Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton.
Ottawa RedBlacks are no slouch and can take the Lions. Calgary, in Calgary? We just have to look at how Calgary took Edmonton apart this past week. Then it is off the Edmonton. Yikes.

Lose all three games and the Lions will be 4 and 8! with two-thirds of the season finished. With Lulay and Elimimian out of the line up and a porous O-line it’s going to be a tough next three weeks. In fact even SSK on October 03 may have a good shot at giving the Lions the boot our of their own den; B.C. Place. The Roughriders have the monkey off their backs. The way the team celebrated their first victory of the season this past week you would think they had just won the Grey Cup.

Beck [Lions #2 QB] can engineer some good plays but does he have the playing ability to finish off the next three teams the Lions will meet? Or for that matter finish off any of them? Yep, I guess we can all use the worn out phrase " It’s one game at a time" to soothe our concern but it is what it is. And this is not factoring in potential injuries to the go to money guys.

Win two of the next 3 games and it will be a tremendous confidence booster for the Lions, especially if those two wins are agains Calgary and Edmonton. Lose the next three games and the mountain in front of the Lions may be just too high to climb.

Considering how Lulay has been playing this year - not awful but kinda meh, certainly not the Lulay that we have known in the past - I don't think the Lions will have much drop off at the QB position. Beck has not made a start yet but in all his relief appearances, and there have been more than just a couple (mind you almost all garbage time duty) he has performed well.