Next 2 months of sports

Scotties (women's curing) starting on Feb 17

XFL staring on Feb 18.

FIFA women games playing for last 3 spots in this years cup from Feb 17 to Feb 22

AFL starting March 16

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i may or may not be pirating an XFL feed or i may be gardening

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One AFL (Alberta Football League) starts in June.

The other AFL (Atlantic Football League) starts in September.

How many other AFLs are there?



only one that matters, and I know you know what that is :slight_smile:

Heh, actually I'm not positive. Could be Aussie or Arena. ???


well go to google and type in AFL. Only one stands out :slight_smile:

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S . . . Alberta then. Good man. You cheering on the Bucs? The Fighter Jets?


:football: :football: :football:

West Coast Eagles
Melbourne Demons
Brisbane Lions

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i hope you’re kidding


i admit i just watch auzzie football highlights for the mayhem and carnage

Partially kidding. I do get a kick out of all the AFLs around, though.

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what amazes me about Auzzie rules is the dudes all look athletic but normal sized pretty much relative to each other on the field but then when you see a player being interviewed or around fans, he’s just an enormous specimen with cauliflower ears. they all seem to be huge dudes.

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dont forget USFL begins April 15th and then CFL draft beginning of May and then 2 weeks later training camp begins

Just finished watching a woman's fifa game.

Two teams fighting to make it into the WC

Winning team goes on to play one more game to Qualify.

Not exactly the top teams.

Yet, it was very entertaining. Specially the last 10 minutes of reg time, 23 minutes of extra time, 2 extra 15 minute halves, and the shoot out. I was totally entertained.

Paraguay come from behind to beat Taiwan.

Gonna watch another game in about an hour and a half.

Mean while, our women did not do well against USA in Shebelieves Cup. To be expected given what is going on with them. Recorded the game. Not sure if I am going to watch it.

Meanwhile, wife enjoying Scottiies. I be cheering for Jones, Lawes, and BC