Newsweek does a piece on the Laval program

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Interesting read and rare for an American publication to look at the CIS.

Quebec city will never get a CFL team.
Rightfully so.. This team is 100% Canadian... Not like CFL teams where all of the important positions (on the field and coaching as well)are held by Americans,and bench warmers and special teams 'as well as the equiptment manager are Canadian

What is you're point Mr. Bungle? That the winners of the Vanier Cup should be able to challenge for the Grey Cup because the players are all Canadian?

Great story! I’m sure QC will get their Nordiques back pretty soon too.
No they will never get a CFL team, they just aren’t interested, they love their CEGEP teams.

Never say never people. History has taught us that situations can drastically change. No one can predict the future and things can fall into place very, very quickly.

Just one example, Quebec City has been rumored to want to bid for an upcoming Winter Olympics. A 35 000 seat plus stadium would be needed for opening and closing ceremonies. I know Laval has strong attendance numebrs for CIS and avg 15 000, but 15 000 in a 35 000 seat stadium would really kill the atmosphere as opposed to 15 000 in a 19 500 (12 500 seat) capacity stadium

Look, a fairly large city like Columbus, Ohio is happy with university ball and don't need the NFL. QC is probably in the same boat. That's the way it is.

But yes king, if QC wants the Winter Olympics they will need a significant stadium.

Thats true colombus is happy with its college team. The difference is there are 32 NFL teams and they already have Cincy and Cleavland in the state of Ohio and Cincy lately has had terrible attedance numbers. The NFL doesn't need to add teams and isn't looking to expand to Colombus.

On the other hand the CFL is obviously looking to add teams. Logically Halifax comes in as the 10th team. I'm sure the CFL would love 12 teams because it would just add to the TV contract. The first place to look at the 11th team is QC.

You could be right though Earl, QC may not be begging for a CFL team. But the CFL must due its due diligance to gauge interest and see how much revenue it would add to the CFL TV contract. Perhaps a few regular season gamees in QC or a have a potential owner take conditional season ticket deposits for a new team like Ballsille did in Hamilton to guarantee revenue(of course with the leagues consent).

Regardless Halifax is the nubmer 1 priority as it should be. If QC gets an NHL team the market will be fixated on that. 2030 would be a reasonable time frame for a CFL team there and would coincide well with a Winter Olympics(rumors QC will bid on 2026 or 2030) bid and new stadium which as we all know would get Federal $$$$.

I doubt they would leave Stade Telus where they keep 100 percent of gate receipts, 100 percent of game day jobs (students) and 100 percent of concessions, 100 percent of adverts and naming rights... Minus TV rights, they probably generate more money than the Argos !

They will need a Mountain !

Agree, the CFL should be putting out feelers in QC for the reasons you mention.

Yes Hf although I’m sure there are some college football programs that generate close to what a low end NFL team generates, I think I read the Bills made around $60 mill last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if a university like Notre Dame tops that.

Hf, I’m sure the province of Quebec can find some land fills full of all the crap that comes out of the province for the legislators and politicians to top up Mount Ste Anne or whatever is the biggest hill/mountain they are looking at using for the skiing. :wink:

If at some point there were a CFL team in Quebec City it would probably go a long way to creating more CFL fans in the province instead of just Als fans - who don't watch other CFL games. Right now CFL games not involving the Als do not get seem to get very many viewers in the province.

No question Travel, with the numbers you and others have posted it seems the province isn't connected much to the CFL including QC except for the Als fans which I'm sure are mainly from Montreal and there, my guess is mainly from the Anglphone part of Montreal. A team in QC would really help in that aspect I'm sure.

The tallest mountain in the QC misses the minimum height requirement by less than 50metres (45m short to be exact). There was talk of a temporary starting area being built to make up the difference.

But IMO the way winter olympic bidding is going the IOC will just change the height requirements to get a host the caliber of QC on the cards. I mean Oslo Norway just dropped out for 2022 because of the crazy demands the IOC makes. They’re left between Beijing, and Almaty Kazakhztan. Not exactly the cream of the crop for winter olympic bids.

That's a pretty good link embedded in that article. Never realized they had a show like that. Should be promoted a little more...

It's a long way to the Top...

The last time a developer put forward a stadium idea for a CFL team in QC, the mayor grabbed the land and built a 500 million dollar hockey rink on it with public money that the province got from us Canadians hidden as a transfer payment. The last thing the CFL needs is a team in QC. Don't be surprised to see the CIS enact rules to prevent the takeover of its sports programs by businesses, probably would have already been done if Laval was not a Francophone institution. Laval looked into joining the NCAA twice already and it quickly became obvious that they would have to abandon their business model if they were to do this and after criticising the NCAA in this Newsweek article they likely shut that door on themselves forever :wink:

If you were to make a CFL parallel of Laval's business model, it would be the equivalent of an owner fielding a team with a budget ten times greater than the SMS allows, fielding their own exibition games and conducting their own spring camps and exceeding practice schedules :wink:

Aubut is on the IO board and is working feverishly to get it done. I think he will be successful.

agree on all your points except the "last thing the cfl team needs is a team in QC" They could do a lot worse things than put a team in QC.

And if the CIS enacts rules to prevent the business like model of Laval and their program starts to come back down to reality they won't be winning as much. Less winning may equate to less fans and publicity thus opening the door for a cfl market. NCAA is out of the question now

don't worry though. I want to see a team in Halifax before QC :rockin:

I would prefer Halifax as well if Halifax would support a CFL team. The Halifax Acadiens.


Making waves...

How about Argonauts ? :lol: :wink: