Newspaper executive set to enter Lions' den

Now Braley can get serious about selling the B.C. Lions...maybe after the 2011 Grey Cup.

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Newspaper executive set to enter Lions' den

Dennis Skulsky

National Post, with files from Financial Post Published: Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dennis Skulsky outgoing President and CEO of Canwest Publishing is expected to be named
President and CEO of the B.C. Lions at a news conference this morning in Vancouver.

He has long had ties with the Lions as a founding member of the Waterboys organization
a group of more than 250 local businesspeople who carry the banner of the B.C. Lions

in the community and raise money for charitable initiatives.

He is also the co-chairman of the 2011 Vancouver Grey Cup organizing committee.

He held the same position when the CFL title game was held at BC Place in 2005.

David Braley feels that the B.C Lions are very lucky to have him."

The position of president has been unfilled since the death
of long-time team president Bob Ackles in July, 2008.