Newsflash: Toronto hosts Calgary tonight !

How come no one talks about that game? Where are the Stamps fans? Are the Argos' lovers already tailgating?

Wake up! Any expectations for tonight's game?

I predict Scott Coe will win his bout by disqualification when Baker hits him with the Championship belt...


I think the Argos know whats coming. Its big, its fast, and its
much improved. Looks good in red.

Its Its Its


Well, I need a better week for my picks than last week (glad that one's over. . .), so I'm predicting the Argos to be good and tired. Stamps are looking good of late - stamps by eight. Anything to rebut, 3/10? :mrgreen:

Argos are starting to hit their stride. They won ugly in Edmonton, but it showed they have what it takes to pull out the games. (Except when Bishop starts) I don't see them losing too many games from now until Grey Cup time.

… err… Malaria?..

SEAN MILL.........will start on special teams tonight........this game is worth watching......just to see how he does..........or doesn't?

O.K. which NON ARGOS fans, will be cheering for the ARGOS, tonight?

Well , it's off to the game with the R.C. roof open........just a beautiful night for football..........see you all after the game.

Take a wild guess… :wink:

Poor third that last loss really hurt, didnt it??

Oh yeah, thanks for the kicker!! LMAO

I'm a non Argo fan (a bomber fan) who will be cheering for the Argos to eat the Stamps! COME ON ARGOSS!

that game is tonight!?! tsn or cbc?

Yeah I am also a non Argo fan, as you can probably tell I'm a Rider Prider so I will be cheering for the team in blue tonight. But as much as I hate to admit it, I think that the Stamps are gonna take it.

Calgary at Toronto? The game is on tonight on tsn. . .
I have a weird feeling too that Calgary will take it, like I did last week when Edmonton played Toronto. I thought Edmonton would win even though I picked Toronto. I hope the same can happen tonight...

Mention kickers to third and he runs away faster then ree when you
mention ref.

Too funny!

Should be a very good game...thats if Calgary's secondary brings there "A" game.

Go Stamps!

Go Argos, Bombers need some help.

3/10 what is wrong with you why cheer for the Argo’s> Do other ALs fans know this and how are they going to react. Your team played well against the Stamps they just did not have the ball at the end of the game. Thats ok I will be cheering for the Als against the schmoes!

He lost a bet :cry:

he stated the bet he lost...........but he seems cool now and is quite is , ro1313.