NewsFlash: Blue Bombers caught spying on Ti-Cats practice

yeah i think its working both ways, my brother likes him as a coach but thinks he's a jerk at the same time. and as hx says a lot of people will stand behind him as long as were winning games. will the support continue if things take a turn for the worse? who knows only time will tell. but hopefully we wont have to find out and the bombers keep on winning! :rockin: :smiley:

Wasn't it on Mission: Impossible that the taped message always said, "If you are captured, we will deny all knowledge..."? That's exactly what the Bombers are doing now. Of course they sent him in there, and now that he's been caught they're throwing him under the bus.

Every country seeks out foreign spies and prosecutes them to the fullest extent of the law, despite the fact that they have spies of their own doing the same things abroad. Similarly, every team does this sort of thing, and every team gets incensed when others do it to them. They have the right to confiscate the guy's notes and kick him out of the stadium. And they must do so with an air of indignation, implying that they would never do anything so underhanded. We all know otherwise.

If he had stolen a playbook, there would certainly be further charges. But this sort of thing goes on all the time, all the teams do it, everybody knows it, and all the teams try to defend against it. So the league will "address the issue" with some finger-wagging and perhaps a nominal -- and undisclosed -- fine. Problem solved, it'll never happen again. Right.

Even if he had kept the notes, there would have been little in them that would have given the Bombers any advantage on Saturday. They could get more information by looking at game film from the last two games.

I can't speak for everybody here in Hamilton, but I think it's kind of funny. It's an interesting little drama surrounding this game.

....BY THE WAY ....How are ticket sales going BigDave.....i hope you're not going to blame Kelly if its not a sell-out.. :wink:

Sane words, Big Dave, couldn't agree more.

The problem here is, ONCE AGAIN, not exactly what happened, but the way Kelly handles it.

It's like the Kevin Glenn argument with his decision to go in another direction at QB........but he mishandled it badly................same thing's not what happened per se but how Kelly has to act like a jerk in response to it.

...I could care less how the opposition views Kelly...It's the win column that's paramount...Funny thing about success can change ones perception in a hurry.....Kelly has a long way to go in that win doesn't say much....but its a start and he's coaching a solid team who are a 100% behind him.....we'll see... :wink:

"We'll see" is bang on. We sure will.

Not convinced the team is 100% behind him..........I would not at all be surprised to learn that there is a group of players who don't care for the guy's bombast. No facts, just a hunch.

Solid team? I don't know yet................

Great D line and linebacking corps...........questionable secondary, giving up too many yards through the air...........that has to be tightened up...........maybe getting Lobendahn back in the linebacking corps and dropping Shabazz to safety would help address that..........Shabazz is just about the LAST guy in the league I want to see as I'm running downfield looking to catch a pass (I still insist that stealing Shabazz off of Edmonton for Kai Ellis was Kelly's greatest offseason move............and Maciocia's dumbest).

Offence is less than solid at this point...................and LeFors still hasn't even hit a 50% completion rate. That has to improve before I'll call this team "solid". know what MadJack.....i beg to differ on your 'solid' take......and we'll soon find out... :wink:

Maybe this so called spying was cooked up by the Bombers and Ticats to try and sell some tickets for their next game. If it wasn't, why didn't they boot the guy out and just call Bauer. The fact they went to the media sounds like a set up to me.
I'm all for more bums in the seats for CFL games, so if it works good for them. But spying would help Winnipeg beat Hamilton? I don't think so.

That we shall......................

So what do you think of my idea of moving Shabazz to safety to help out that secondary?

...I don't know if Shabazz will be playing any position ,MadJack......he has an inflamation and didn't practice today....but don't tell obie....i hate it when other teams get an unfair advantage due to injuries and things like............well i'll let you fill in the rest.. :lol: :lol:...Not a bad idea though...I think he could suit-up at safety...however Ian Logan is doing a pretty good job there right now and then there's the ratio thing...

That's pretty much the gist of it and side show Kelly once again takes the focus off his football team and places it squarely on his own shoulders, which the media is more than happy to do.

I'm not sure if your :wink: was in reference to this statement or not. But some people who were at the game may not have seen that Terence Edwards was wearing gloves with Derrick Armstrong's number on them, which he showed to the camera after a touchdown. This shows that he supports his former teammate over his coach, indicating a possible division in the locker room.
Of course, there have been divided locker rooms before that have gone on to have great seasons, so you can't really tell. But I hardly think it can be said that they're 100% behind him.