NewsFlash: Blue Bombers caught spying on Ti-Cats practice

I guess the new Bomber regime will try anything to gain an advantage over the Cats for Saturday's big divisional matchup. According to the Spectator blog:

Officials from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats caught a scout from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers spying during practice at Ivor Wynne Stadium this afternoon.

The scout, identified by Ticat sources as Ron Trentini, had his notes confiscated and was ejected from the stadium.

The Blue Bombers come to Hamilton this Saturday to face the Tiger-Cats.

Hamilton officials say they've pulled the scouts credentials for this weekend's game and have informed the league.

It may not be cool but is it illegal to observe another team's practice?

According to several sources, a Winnipeg Blue Bombers scout was caught spying on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats practice on Tuesday. The scout had his notes confiscated and was escorted from Ivor Wynne Stadium. The Ticats also revoked his credentials for Saturday's game between the two teams. The league has been informed.

More details to follow.

Kelly is something else.

12 pages of notes, formations, variants confiscated.

Requests for credentials for this guy by the Bombers.

And to finish it off they LIE and let the guy take the fall.

Sad Sacks Murphy and Kelly are.

Wow !

It wouldn't surprise me if he was there as a Bomber mole.

But first he lied and said he was scouting for some junior league, then he said it was for the Bombers.

Guys a liar, can't trust anything that comes out of his mouth.

I'm almost positive this goes on all the time. This guy was just dumb enough to get caught.

To a certain degree, I'm sure someone could walk in, sit down and observe practice. If someone is dumb enough to take a notepad in and jot down formations and plays they'll get caught every time.

I remember last year, a fan wearing a Rider jersey sat in on a Lion practice. Buono played “grab-a-shirt” day instead of having everybody wear their usual number. Messed up the media something awful.

Taking in a notepad was real dumb for sure. But then, hey, we are talking Winnipeg, those mosquitoes out there probably do something to some people's brains. :lol:

I take offense to that Earl I use to live in BC but moved to winnipeg 3 years ago and I haven't gotten...... Sorry what were we talking about the pretty colours just distracted me....

I don't think that it's really that big of a deal. The guy was credentialed (meaning he was pre-cleared for things dealing with the upcoming game). The practice was open (presumably, Hamilton wouldn't try any sensitive plays during such a practice). The CFL has no rules concerning this type of event (the only law that the league does have is recording a bench for signals, or broadcasting the live video/audio feed of an opposition team during a game - that one was because of an Ottawa v. Winnipeg game in 1993). The only issue was the taking of notes, which were confiscated.

Good one there pred :thup:

Agree, it is being played up more than it actually should be.

Marty York reports that the CFL will punish this Scout by making him live in Winnipeg during the Winter instead of going home to Tampa Bay.

The Scout is appealling, stating that living in Winnipeg during the Winter was cruel and Unusual punishment. 8) 8) 8)

Of course it happens all the time. So what!! Teams do whatever they can to get an advantage. That's with it!!

...this 'spy' was taken into TiCat custody and interrogated ....Important information has been confiscated and turned over to csis....The diagrams are a bit confusing....but Obies says that is by confuse the enemy...and the players....We'll wait till after the game on Saturday, to see which players were confused the most....the enemy or his own... :lol: :lol:

All joking a side.... the CFL really needs to estabish a policy on this. They had the opportunity after Mathewgate but failed to follow through.

Did anyone catch Mike Kelly's press conference about this issue? They just showed it on The Score. Saying he was belligerent would be an understatement. He reminded me of John Tortorella. I understood his frustration with all the questions about the scouting issue, but show a little professionalism. Any respect I had for this guy went out the window after that B.S. Good luck, Winnipeg fans. I think you're going to need it. This guy has one hell of an attitude problem.

that he does and he isn't gaining a lot of respect from bomber fans... but to his credit he is absorbing all the crazyness and letting everyone talk about him. this is keeping the spotlight off the team and letting them focus on playing football. i dont know if kelly planned to deflect all the attention but he's sure doing a good job.

He has the respect of the Bomber fans, go on our bombers .com , everybody supporting Kelly on this issue. The fans like the fact, he has stopped letting the inmates run the asylum. His players support him and management supports him 100 %. That's all that matters. The guy grew up in philly, mentored under Cal Murphy and Andy Reid do you think he cares if people like him or not ? He knows what his job is, WIN CUP !

I'm not sure fans "like" what Kelly is doing. I think you are right that they believe he will produce a winner. As long as most of them believe that, they will stand behind him. If he fails it will get UGLY for MK. It's all in Lefors hands now but so far on the football side of things he's looking pretty good. Much better than I figured he would do.