news on Winnipegs new Stadium**

so how much longer will u have to drive?

I beg to differ. The Aspers as just any other so-called wealthy people prey upon the ignorance of the public. The beggars on the streets of Winnipeg are no worse than the Asper family who have consistently shown that when they find a situation that will benefit themselves they will go to the wall promoting it with public money and they get their name pasted on the building. Sure enough they always symbolically throw in a bit of "coin" but never anything much more than seed money.

To have David Asper get in an ownership situation is just plain asking for the ruin of the BB. Now more curious is how buddy Mayor Sam Katz is angling himself into the picture. He is the perfect example of getting something for nothing. He is currently on a smear campaign of the BB board, makes me bat an eye I'll tell ya!

Hell, convince the banks to lend me $200 million and then make sweet deals with politicians and then I'll get the public to pay for most of the costs, assume ownership and pocket the $190 million that is left over from the loan. It's nice when you are connected, just ask Trump or Ted Rogers and the like!

mwin1 you are taking that to the extremem a little bit I think.
Sure the Aspers may be this or that, but they are a pro bussiness family and just because they have money does not mean that they should not conduct business feasibly.
The Aspers have donated a ton of money to charities over the years and it was them that build the Asper Center with no money from the Government.
Mr Katz would be a great asset to the Bombers. Katz has a worlds largerst passion for sport than any other pollitition. Sure some people may think that Katz is a tough bussiness man, but he gets the job done.
He was the one who brought us baseball, and basketball long befor he was a pollitician.
I have never seen anyone else in the city like Katz. Sussie Tompson was pretty good too as she supported the Jets to the end.
If your hero My Glen Murray was still the Mayor , he would probably try to build a stadium on a bridge only to have it become a sals after it sat empty for a couple years.

Sam Katz is the BIGGEST CROOK in the city of Winnipeg. It is pitiful that Joe public doesn't see it. The only reason there is a Sal's on the Promenade Riel is that Sam was mayor, former partner in Protos (they owned Sal's) and he has a keen mind for stealing money from the public even the shareholders of the Crocus Fund. Do a little research on Katz and you will find an indisputable link to political patronage and theft of public money.

You may think that he brought Basketball to Winnipeg as well as the Goldeyes. Just ask who actually owned the basketball team and then ask who built Canwest Stadium. Sam sure as heck didn't build the belongs to us, the taxpayers, and Sam is leasing it from the City of Winnipeg for $1.00 per year. Nice to be mayor and owner of the Goldeyes at the same time. Would I want him to associated with the BB? NO WAY!!

Mayor Glen Murray was never my friend by the way!


"just because they have money does not mean that they should not conduct business feasibly. "

But...alot of people who DO have money also CHOOSE to do business as they see fit and not necessarily by the rules.

.... i have a Sals. burger on that bridge quite often....beerbarron....good burger ...nice view.....Anyway....If anybody is dreaming a businessman dosen't get involved in sports franchises to make money they're delusional....It dosen't always happen a 100% of the time ...but i think its quite safe to say....Sure the Aspers would like to make this into a money making proposition...and also any other corporate structure that decides to get involved....BUT....with regards to the Aspers and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers .. they're family has supported the BigBlue in some pretty lean times...David Asper has been involved in off-field operations with the team for some as much as people would like to point out that it might be just another money making venture for them (and that remains to be seen)..i think it runs much deeper than that...just my opinion....AND no i don;t want to buy that wonderfully designed bridge that runs over the Red..... :lol:

I go to the Sals on the Bride too, but my point was that the bridge was a failer.
The mayor befor (Glen Murray) was the one to made that bridge fail. NO one wanted to put a restaurant in their. It has a one million dollar toilet for pete sake,lol
So Sam calls his freind and turns a failed bridge into a successful bridge.
See my point.
Sam is not a crook, your wording is wrong, instead you can say Sam is shrude but he is not a crook.
You see, Sam was not Mayor when the ball park was build and he was honest in his dealings. He was blunt and said this park will be build IF I get it for $1 per year and the City of Winnipeg KNOWINGLY AGREED TO IT.
So he is not a crook. Crooks LIE. Sam was Honest and Blunt. The City said yes.
Bottom line even if the ball park is owned by the city, it would not be there if it was not for Sam Katz.
Here is a bigger crook, Glen Murray,lol.
Glen made a deal to put a Hotel at the forks on park land even though there are empty lots all around the forks.
Glen had a 100 year old historic building torn down (Eatons) for an arena even though there are empty lots and rotted buildings all around that area.
Glen spent $100 000 a year of tax payers money on a downpark block party that lasted about 4 hours.
Glen donated $10 000 of the cities tax payers money to the political party that he is a member of.
Oh yea, lets all point fingures at Sam.
Like I say, Sam is honest, Schrude, Strict, heck he could even be the worlds biggest prick, but he has a track record of getting the things done. That is why so many people including the city befor he was mayor are willing to do bussiness with Sam.
Mayor Sussie was another good Mayor who was pro hockey and football.
I think that the Aspers would be good owners of the blue. IF they had ahold of the Blue then they would be solid.

I heard he was the reason you currently don't have a rapid transit system.

We never had a rapid transit system in the past anyway.
Rapid Transit wont work in Winnipeg anyway because it has to many red lights and traffic is to conjested.
By the way I hope you guys are not taking my pollitical stand to seriously.
Although I would rather see Sam in office that snorring Norrie whoops I meant Glen Murray, I posted these points mostly for fun.
Seriously speaking, if Sam did not win the past election, what Mayor electee would have been pro sports for Winnipeg?
None of them
Except for maybe mr out to lunch pollock guy