news on Winnipegs new Stadium**

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A study on stadium options for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers was partly paid for by taxpayers, so they should see those options before the report gathers dust.

That suggestion came yesterday from Mayor Sam Katz, who insisted it's up to the CFL franchise's directors, if anyone, to lay out the feasibility probe's report for the public's inquiring eyes.

"If they don't release it I guess the question is, 'Why won't you release it?' And I don't know what the answer to that is," Katz told the Sun yesterday.

"If it was within my power, I'd gladly give you a copy of it. It's not my study. I don't understand why the Bombers wouldn't give it to you. This is a community-owned team, so why won't they let the community know about the feasibility study? It's getting old now."

The long-completed report on the Bombers' venue improvement options and viability reportedly cost close to $250,000 -- some of it paid by the public purse -- though the document remains under wraps. Meanwhile, community interest in the subject has grown since the Nov. 19 Grey Cup game at the 53-year-old Canad Inns Stadium, which has been followed by public comments from franchise officials that a new or vastly upgraded stadium is a must.

"They want to move it forward, but yet they keep you in the dark," Katz said of the Blue brass.

"It's almost extreme opposites, it's almost like an oxymoron. 'We have to get out and promote this, but we're not going to let the media know -- or anybody else -- about the feasibility study.' I don't really understand it."

However, Bomber board chairman Ken Hildahl says the report might soon be publicized once all funding partners, including the various levels of government, have huddled up to approve it.

"We have to get the approval of all the various funders. We're working on that now," Hildahl said, adding that Katz "absolutely" has a right to call for its release due to the city's stake in the report and the future of the Canad Inns facility.

The study is said to show a way of constructing a new stadium, with heavy financial support from the public sector for a complex that would cost between $100 million and $200 million.

Premier Gary Doer said last week that new digs for the Blue should get serious consideration, though Hildahl told the Sun that an upgrade of the existing Maroons Road stadium is likely more viable and "doable in the $30 to $60 (million-dollar) range."

But media mogul David Asper, a former Bombers chairman, stressed that building from the ground up is his stadium focus as he privately discusses "the future of the football club and ensuring its permanent viability" with team officials and other stakeholders. A retrofit of the 29,500-seat Canad Inns Stadium, he said, is a fallback option.

"I don't even think about Plan B until you can't do Plan A," Asper told the Sun. "So I'm not sure why anyone would even be thinking about Plan B."

Sounds like there is a distinct real possibility though, despite the secretiveness, that Winnipeg might be getting new digs. At the GC, the premier Doer looked like a huge football fan and was enjoying himself immensely (a few brewskies probably).

nice the wrong

Beat you to my mistake dg!!

They won't have the public support to build a $200 million dollar stadium. Somer serious renovations at CanadInns is a much more likely possibility.

…you can not build a stadium that resembles the world’s largest toilet seat…the teasing would be endless…

It's going to be tough sell in Manitoba, maybe just a little premature for a new Stadium. Manitoba has a rich future in selling power to the East. In Ten years Manitoba will be the Alberta of today...the only difference will be, is that were better

I like the Toilet Seat Stadium plan, it was designed after Winnipeg afterall,lol

Seriously speaking with jokes aside, even though renovating the old stadium into a new one may seem easier and more cost effective, Mr Asper has the money to buy several stadiums.
I have a feeling that Plan A has more chanced of succeeding that plan B.

That toilet seat BeerBarons, would be the envy of the whole CFL...
I hope your right..

^^ Yeah, I agree. It looks like a beautiful venue. BTW, a bit off-topic but, do you know where I can see Argonauts attendance averages?

What I would like to know is how it can be expanded?
It says that it would be a 30 000 seat venue with room to expand. Where would the room for expansion be?
Would it be expanded up or would their be room on the ground to install more seats. ( or possibly both)?

Wouldn't that be great for the Peg to get a brand new spanking dome stadium for year round use.
Just when we thought how the only possibility of new digs would be Halifax. Too bad more cities do not have proactive mayors and Premiers like the Peg and Manitoba.

Well this stadium plan for Winnipeg is not a indoor stadium unfortionately.
It is however a outdoor stadium with a build in Hotel and water park.
It will also have areas for exhibitions and banquets.
It will however have great outdoor sound for large concerts.

I also read previously it would be a dome if built.
That makes sense to me and especially with the long Winter and inactivity for an open venture.

Can the land that the current stadium sits on be sold to help pay for a new stadium? Its quite large and seems to be in a growing part of town.

Sure the land can be sold. I am still curious to when they are going to build on the old arena site.
I did not know they were concidering making that a indoor stadium.
I never read anything about it.
That would be nice though

I just can't, for the life of me, take a design seriously once it's realized that its nickname could potentially be The Sh!tter.....

they should keep the design, but just dome it.

I'm one Winnipegger who doesn't want a new stadium built. Mainly because they are planning to build the new one on the complete opposite side of town from where I live.