**** news on next CFL G.M.**** rumour assitant in Regina?

There is another rumour circulating today and I have been informed that the Riders have offered Eric Tillman the job, but interesting I have been told that there is a twisted plot in the process.

Unnamed source told me that Dan Rambo was high on the Riders list, but Rambo has been talking to the U.S. group that is close to bringing back football to Ottawa.

Rambo has apparently shown interest in returning to the CFL, and apparently has already spoken to the 2 Ottawa groups.

Rambo who lives in Ottawa when not around the NFL Denver Broncos, has stated he wanted to return to the CFL since 2 years ago, and the source told me that if Rambo gets offered the job in Ottawa he will take it.

Another twish to the Rider situation is that Dan Rambo was close to becoming the Riders assistant G.M. in the off season, but Roy brought the idea down.

Now that the posistion is free, and going to probably Eric Tillman, there is still a chance that he could become assitant to Eric Tillman, then leave for Ottawa.

More details to follow

enough of the rumours, if any of you guys knew what you were talking about you would be hired by espn, tsn, fox, sports illustrated, sporting news or any credible company not named chml 900, fan 590, hamilton spectator.

Couldn’t someone have a little chat with our seemingly well intentioned sleuth and spare us all the barrage of non-Tiger Cat rumours and news stories?

The funniest thing is the way you guys get all riled up by these threads :smiley:

this is on tsn homepage


Thank you! I am glad I am not the only one that notices that. I enjoy the rumour mill churning out stories ... it is kind of fun! Even if they aren't directly related to the Tiger-Cats!

Now lets hear it for Charlie Taaffe, our soon to be head coach! :wink:

That's it exactly! In a season of great loss and sorrow, these threads are a shining beacon of hilarity. My favourite was when McMahon punished us for our ingratitude by withholding some breaking news:

"Many can't handle CFL news as it happens." I wake up in the night LOL over that one.

LOL that's awesome...now I have just one question. With a line like beacon of hilarity, why aren't YOU writing for the Spec? :smiley:

I'd need to have some "breaking news" for that.