News on Lumsden???

Anybody have any new news on how jesse's rehab is going?

Come on 204 people looked at this thread but no one has heard if he is healing up ok?

I haven't heard anything, but I know he's done some public appearances so hopefully that means he's doing well.

Hope he is doing well...

I hope he is doing well also. I have not been this entertained watching Lumsden, since watching Blake Marshall. Different players altogether, but they bring another dimension that you don't see among others. If David Levy the team doctor is involved, Lumsden is in good hands. Levy directed my recoveries more than once.

Lumsden is doing fine...his cast is off now and he is know doing excercises with his trainer. He will back in full Lumdsen Mac days by training camp.

Got a glimpse of the Lummer the other day and he looks ready to play now.

The last I heard of Lumsden's condition was that he was on schedule for total recuperation by training camp.

I saw him in a TV commercial yesterday for World Vision. This is one of the greatest charities in the world and its nice to see that Jesse is putting some of his "celebrity" clout behind it in Canada.

My wife and I have made this particular charity our #1 donation spot for the past 35 years.

I second the motion, Jesse!

Hats off to Jesse. :thup: