News on Fulton and Clark???

Anybody hear anything?? I didn't notice if they came back in the game yesterday or not (watched on pvr pretty quickly). Clark's injury looked serious, while Fulton's looked like a stinger or foot sprain at worse.

I believe Fulton was back not sure about Clark.

Fulton was fine...a stinger.

Clark clearly favored his forearm

Both came back to play.

Fulton full time the next drive. Clark came back for a few drives, not sure how much he played though.

How about Eron Reilly the receiver #85. made a nice grab and unfortunately his knee got rolled. Did not look very nice at all.

With Bagg down for a few weeks we are getting skinny here. Sisco is the next guy in I'd say depending on import/non import status.

McHenry - did we bring him back early from 9 game?

Riley was definitely hurt, doubt we see him again for awhile.
Not sure who would be up next, but Sisco should be ready to go. Hopefully Jock Sanders is healthy as he can fill in at receiver.
And yes we did pull McHenry off the 9-game early.

McHenry wasn't pulled off early...they used one of their exemptions for him, so no cap hit.

I felt they should have 9 gamed Simon and used an exemption...what was it...3 or 4 games? it is basically 10K a game for him.

Would like to see Kierrie Johnson play if he's able (9 game list)...seemed to have pretty good wheels in pre-season

I have always liked McHenry. Not really a speed guy, more of a possession reciever. He can come in on the tight end packages. If Riley is out for any length of time, play him at the wideout, move Hughes in to full back (as they did last game), and bring Stephenson off the PR to play some special teams. This would do wonders for our import/non import ratio.