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Ticats' O'Billovich offers up a platter
of interesting tidbits about the team

April 23, 2008 Ken Peters

The Hamilton Spectator

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Obies views on Radlein's future.

Kori Dickerson's switch to D.E.

Obie signs

D.E. Charlton Keith for two years

and 2 new Imports

a receiver and an Offensive Tackle.

Radlein is as good as gone folks…

Not surprised by this, but definately NOT happy about it.

Sounds like Dickerson is as good as gone as well.
New DE at 29 years old, and special teams???

I think he has some other life interests which have now taken over football for number one. Which isnt a bad thing at all.

It's too bad about Dickerson, thought he was a far superior player to Radlein.

I just hope that in the not too distant future we can get rid of this Canadian ratio thing.
Let the best players compete!!

mike, now that's a very minor issue to be discussed here, the ratio thing. Is it really even worth mentioning? :wink:

Gutsy move on Radlein but Julian has no upside at this point in his career and he must be making decent money by now (ie. too much under the SMS).

Dickerson still has a chance to make the team even if he has to move to D. His versatility helps his cause.

An Argo-Cat fan

Not a minor issue - if we didn't have the Canadian ratio, Dickerson would be the starting fullback/tight end.
I think its time to kill the ratio. If we add 2 more teams to the CFL during the next 5 years where do the players come from? More guaranteed Canadian positions on the new teams equals less talent.
Lets prove that Canadian are as good as Americans - compete one on one.

i understand what you are saying Mike, and i some what agree. I do not believe it should be completely removed, just lessened. I believe the number of Canadians a team is to have on the roster is 22? well i think it should be put down to 12 or 15 when the new teams are put into place. As for the new signings, great! hopefully this guy is the answer to our left tackle problems, and a few receivers doesn't hurt either.

8) You are right regarding Dickerson. For those fans that remember Dave Viti, he played DE and TE everygame for the Cats during his great career !!!!

I'm a fan of Kori Dickerson also, he has a lot of natural talent and good speed for a man of his size.

Remember the time this player was switched to DE- Joe Montford. Not saying Kori will be or can be another Joe, but .................

re-Obie"All the tackles in our league, their first strength should be their ability to pass block. Being a good run blocker is a very secondary thing to me as a personnel guy," --- imho definitely a problem last season, And with the type of O Obie will run(i don't know why Taff is still around?) lumsden and cauly could be on the field at the same time, No Dickerson, or Rads. :cowboy: And dickerson Could end up at LB ??

Dave was my shop Teacher at General Brock back in the 80's

Joe was not 29 when attempting to make the switch, and already tackled guys for a living.

Unfortunately for Julian, he's never been the same since the knee injury he suffered in Calgary at the end of the 2005 season. I was there and it was ugly - nasty hyperextension.

I always thought they under-utilized him and that he could have been awesome at getting big yards off a swing pass (or a screen), like Mike Sellars used to do with Winnipeg. When he caught the ball with a full head of steam it was hard to tackle him.


Still don't get Kenny's "camouflage the loss of Armour" which he's written a couple times.