NEWS...going weak...MUST HAVE NEWS

Nothing.. no news... the board is bare... #1 for the 10th day partners not happy with site. Obie....

News is slow with all teams, I wonder if there's a hands off news during the Para Olympics. Who knows.

News going weak, Geez arn't the guys discussing the stadium site keeping you on the edge of your seat :lol: :lol:

It's like watching paint dry and Groundhog Day simultaneously :wink:

How many sleeps till camp?

Some slightly uninteresting news, Airbourne's new song "Steel Town" will likely be the song of choice for most of the 2010 season.Haven't heard anything from anyone, just a wild guess judging by the name and the lyrics about workin and drinkin.
Okay sorry, I had to spark something here i'm falling asleep :lol:

Oh man, you're telling me. I've been hoping for news for days. The only CFL news is Cleo Lemon. Who gives a crap about Cleo Lemon?

Not to plug myself (or get accused of spamming) but I just started writing about the Cats (and the CFL in general) for something to do, and with no news it makes it difficult to find topics to write about.

But soon enough we'll be inundated with news because the season will be here before we know it.

Cleo Lemon's overrated.Toronto is the NFL's garbage dump, you'd think they'd try and aquire CFL ready guy's instead of trying to sign a bunch of NFL has beens or never beens.

I really don't get what the Arg-holes are doing. I do like the Brannagan signing, if just because I would like to see more Canadian QBs in the CFL; but Hamden, Lemon and Bell? Who, exactly, are they gonna start? You can't win in this league without a good-to-great QB, and right now all they have is unprovens.

Injuries or not, they should bring Buck Pierce in. At least he's played in the CFL before.

Oh well, the worse they are the happier I am.