News from the FSN Fantasy Pools

With three weeks to go, here is how the "huddlites" are doing in the FSN Fantasy Pools:

Pick the winners

  1. Whippler
  2. Third And Ten
  3. Fooks
  4. Als Molson
  5. Newfie
  6. Horus!
  7. Yeast
  8. Eskimos32001
  9. Bamboo
  10. Kanga-Kucha
  11. Als All The Way
  12. UglyandHasty
  13. Supertoe

With only 12 games to be played, all players ranked 7th and under have no chance of finishing first.

Pick 10 Challenge

  1. Fooks
  2. Horus!
  3. Whippler
  4. Third And Ten
  5. Eskimos32001
  6. Yeast
  7. Als All The Way
  8. ro1313

This one is harder to calculate when it comes to who can and cant make it. Id say only Horus still has a legit shot at Fooks crown. Als All The Way and ro1313 are officially out of it.

Man I havent even looked at that in a couple of months

Which means you have been running with the 10 players you picked a few months ago. Some may be injured, and a lot of them must have had bye weeks. Eh well. Too bad you won't be able to brag about that on your next Christmas Party. You'll have to come up with something else, like... finding a cure to cancer, or something...

I was killing in the pick 10 challenge up until 2 weeks ago...I was 48th out of 15000 people...then stupid stegall has a monster game AND kenton keith sucks it up. Now I'm down to 72nd. I still have a shot at the top 50 (and a free t-shirt!!!) but I'm going to have to pull some serious shenanigans.