News from the Dark Side

Have read reports this week that they'll have Swayze Waters, who'll given them an advantage on another windy day, and their other top ST player Brian Rolle back from injuries. Also DL Jason Vega has been removed from their 6-game injured list. For those who don't read The Star, here's an interesting story about Dave Stala and how he's still connected to the TiCats:

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Keep in mind though that he has had to be taken out of games recently, so I'm not sure how healthy he is.

That being said, this is do or die, so they will run him out there no matter what I would expect.

If it ends up they are kicking with Stala, I'd say we have a good chance at the game. Unless it's a blow out by that point.

Good points all.

They are a well rested team with their best roster on the field for this playoff game.

The cream is rising,which team will get creamed?

 Cats love cream!

Oskee Wee Wee!

Enjoy the sunny Sunday Semi Final game!

The last time Waters punted in a game was when he was injured on Sept. 11th in the Labour Day week rematch. They've been without him for their past 7 games.