News from our FSN fantasy pool

Since no one reported the scores so far, I've checked the two "Huddle-ites" leagues.

In the "Pick the winner" contest, everyone is... tied at 0 ! I don't get it. BigDave is a lot faster than FSN to tally up the numbers and he does it by hand.

In the "Pick 10 Challenge", there is also something weird. Each player has a score for week 1, and a total score.... which doesn't match the score of week 1. Where does that total come from? God knows. Here are the numbers for week one (and total score).

1st - ro1313 - 117 - (354)
2nd - Third And Ten - 114 - (313)
3rd - Als All The Way - 103 - (304)
4th - Horus! - 85 (198)
5th - Yeast#5 - 82 (243)

Anybody else is still free to join in...

... And anyone who understands the scoring total is welcome to enlighten me!

iunno, it happened in all the leagues though

Wierd When I looked the otherday I was in 3rd. Now Im winning Im winning
Im winning. :wink:

Sorry countn't help myself :oops:

I know that I'm 2-2-0 right now!

For The Pick The Winners I'm Not Even Sure If I Got Signed Up, It Useally Takes 2 Full Work Days For Them To Get All The Scores Updated.