News from Mini-Camp

Charles Andre Marchand is out in Orlando covering the team and this is a synopsis of his piece on CKAC.

1- Guys are real busy, MC is organized in typical Trestman fashion and the pace is brisk and every second is used. Says guys are busting their but... Out there to work.

2-Says seeing Reinebold coach is amazing. He describes him as an incredible teacher and the guys really thrilled with the instructions.

3- Three receivers are doing amazing stuff. One in particular who's a big man JRich body type who blew people away the whole practice with incredible catches.

The interview is in French for those interested :

Thanks for posting this.

Good to see Marchand back in action and amazed there are actually 2 reporters covering an Alouette mini-camp in Florida.

If Lalonde had anything to do with this good on him.

The receiver is,most probably, Felton Huggins.


The receiver is,most probably, Felton Huggins.


Pierre Durocher has a nice interview with coach Reinebold. Who's fitting in really nicely with coach Trestman's philosophy.

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Interesting piece. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Reinebold puts his stamp on the team. To me, the sign of being a great manager of people (whether a football coach or outside of pro sports) is the ability to leverage the unique talents and identities of the people under you. A truly smart and successful manager doesn't force his employees into being just like him; rather, he helps them maximize their own individual potential and channel that potential toward helping the group. I'm not at all surprised that Trestman would take a 'chance' on hiring Reinebold, and I really hope it pays off for us.

CJAD has an audio interview with Ricky Santos

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Comments from Coach Trestman

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If that is the kind of coverage we will get this year. It is very promising and It might be a preview of an Als move to the new French sports tv station.

Maybe the Als work ethics is rubbing off on Durocher. I don't think I've ever seen this much coverage. :smiley:

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Good stuff. Is it possible that the media is finally starting to pay attention to the Als?

I'm thinking the Als paid these two guys way in exchange for proper coverage this season. Whatever works :thup:

Yep, whatever works. We have a fantastic football team with 15 years of steady success. No reason we can't have a higher profile in the city.

If Habs were still in the playoffs I doubt if Durocher would be in Orlando covering the Als. But hey why not take advantage of the situation.

As to whether the Als are picking up the tab for these guys, thats an interesting question. You can perhaps justify it for Marchand as he is the teams play by play announcer. But would Quebecor allow one of its "journalists" to go that route?

Having the Habs out of the playoffs this year could have a hand in the early coverage too.

The only reason the Journal de Montréal is covering the Als this much, is because Québecor (who owns the J de MTL) wants to show the Als the power and influence of their media empire. Québecor wants the next TV contract with the Als for their TVA Sports network. :thdn:

Not sure that is the main reason but what is wrong with that ? I do the same in business. "Show me !" Talk is cheap.